Friday, February 08, 2013

9th Feb, Saturday turning almost dry except for some isolated rains around Mangalore and adjoining interior Karnataka regions.

10th Feb, Sunday getting cloudy in Madhya Mah region, with evening thundershowers in Ahmednagar dist, and cloudy over the North Konkan belt. Light rain likely in Mumbai vicinity on Sunday night.

11th Feb Monday rainfall expected in pockets of Surat region, Bharuch, and adjoining north Mah.
Also Indore Ujjain region of MP can get some showers.

12th Feb Tuesday rain patch moves north into adjoining Rajasthan, with Udaipur and Central Rajasthan getting rains.

City weather forecast on vagaries...
The showers over N-E states will clear in next 24hrs .

The low level circulation along Maharastra coast persisted today morning, but it would have vanished by now 8PM.

Another moderate easterlies will reach E.Srilanka on 11/12-Feb...

The COLD & DRY N-W winds are prevalent over N,N-W,N-central and into E.India .. this will further reduce the Day temp..

Day and night temp. over N,N-W India will be on lower side during next 3 days. E.India will have cold days for next 2 days.
5pm, Isolated Showers seen over N, central, S.Kerala and over S,S-W Karnataka ... 

5pm, Cloudy over Orissa, S.Bengal and most of N-E states ...
RT @rajugana: Bangalore 5.20pm, Formation of rain clouds in the evening, & the First drizzle of the season.. 
S.Kerala continue to be HOT.. highest maximum temperature of 37.6°C was recorded at Punalur (Kerala)

RT @chetanishere: #Chennai #velachery foggy day and a bit colder for early February nice weather (6:43am)

#chennai - Today morning records 22 C, now 1:20pm its HOT and DRY with almost zero cloud formations.

RT @bheemaupadhyaya: @weatherofindia  its sweating in Bangalore (11:26am).