Friday, December 10, 2010

Early wind reversal

10 December 2010 / 2218 hrs IST
The lower level westerly wind regime of date is an anomolay in wind pattern.
Is it an indication of propagation of cold from North to deep south
or indication of the complete nullifying effect of SST in the Bay, thus curtailing the chances of formation of any "LOW"

5:30pm, Thru out India ONLY an isolated thunder shower seen over N.central Tamilnadu...
RT @charan2987: The Indians make merry at the overcast Chepauk Stadium in Chennai. and made sure a result other than the rain-washout
RT @93jags: 102/8......... India on top............ Chennai --- Rain! Please stay away till the match ends..... :) It will end soooooon.....
RT @ecoseed: Greenhouse gases at record levels – U.N. agency Cancun
Chennai - Can expect a localized sharp shower after 4:30pm.. not going to be widespread.
RT @ecoseed: Consumer goods sector greets Cancun with climate commitments
Nagercoil - reports of scattered sharp showers yesterday (9-Dec) over already FLOOD hit zones of Kanyakumari dist (Tamilnadu)
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda, Clear skies, sunny with chillness in the air.
Till morning, widespread rainfall has occurred over Northeastern states.. : Agartala­ 4,
Kailashahar­ 3, Silchar & Imphal­ 2 CM
The westerlies over S.Peninsula will cease from 13-Dec... but the central India will continue to have it...
A high pressure Anti-cyclone circulation can be seen over N. Maharastra and remnant of "94B" is seen along S.Bengal..
RT @metalsaint: It seems like the chennai one day (cricket) is gonna b facing rain threat. The sky says so.
Chennai - Might get a localized sharp shower towards evening due to this present cloud cover and westerlies.
Chennai - having a medium high cloud cover... and a Dead thunder cell over Bay s-E of Chennai. No threat so far.