Saturday, November 16, 2013

Chennai - 11:45pm, heavy downpour for the past 30min over Polichalur zone

RT @saisowsen: @weatherofindia 11.30pm heavy rain in #pallikaranai #southchennai

RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 9.30pm, Continuous drizzle since AN, just enough to wet the earth, intensity starts increasing since 9.00pm..

Aftermath of land fall

  • When the cloud mass is crossing land as there is NO organised structure [i.e centre, wall clouds, outer band and defined cyclonic circulation etc] centre of crossing may not be there or well defined.  Instead the time that the cloud mass, preferably the lowest pressure point, crosses a point over the coast  is then the land fall. 
  • Karaikal reported westerly / 18 knots or so at 03Z:  So the system and its lowest pressure point may be at North of Karaikal at 0830 hrs IST. Continuous monitoring of pressure in between Karaikal & Cuddalore is not possible as per currently available of data.
  1.  State Government should provide sensitive / precision Aneroid Barometer  or automated pressure instrument to each coastal hamlet in the coast,  The task can be entrusted with heads of fisherman./ cyclone shelter managers
  2. SMS VOICE alert in vernacular language about the cyclone should be disseminated to each fisherman.  State Fisheries Department in coordination with India Meteorological Department, mobile service providers, voluntary agency and other stake holders should initiate this move for the benefit of fisherman. The data base of mobile numbers of all interested fisherman should be raised.
  3. IMD should install high wind speed recorders at all vantage locations in the coast apart from installation of adequate AWS along the coast.

Depression is inland over central Tamilnadu coast.

12:30pm, "30W" as depression has crossed into central Tamilnadu coast ... near Karaikal.
You can see the center of the system in both the following images.
RADAR image

Visible satellite shot at 12:30pm

pras_ja9:31am via Twitter for Android
@weatherofindia Raining heavily since 6 am in Pondicherry..

10:13am via Web
@weatherofindia The eye of depression is almost over land now. No significant rains or wind in Chennai! Only a persistent drizzle

@weatherofindia Raining very heavily. Chennai South. #Velachery

@weatherofindia #palavakkam 10 am Consistent showers and temperature is down at least 2 degrees than normal

#Ramanan is right this time..been raining here (chennai sholinganallur) since strday some heavy showers..!! @weatherofindia

12:10pm Its raining in Perundurai,Erode,Tamil Nadu..

1:15pm, the Northern band of the Depression is giving heavy rain to Mahabalipuram coast, Vandavasi and madurantakam belt of Tamilnadu.
Heavy and widespread rain ahead for Nilgiris, N-W,central,N Tamilnadu and into S Andhra, S Karnataka during next 18hrs.
#Chennai - will continue to get passing moderate intensity showers during next 24hrs.

30W - Depression, most of cloud mass has moved into central Tamilnadu

8am, position of Depression ... has moved N-W during past 12hrs ...

8am, Heavy rain has pushed into central coast and interior central Tamilnadu ... 

#Chennai - 9am, LESS rain observed so far... but more rain ahead during next 24hrs.
8.1 mm recorded at IWM, Polichalur station.
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.00am, Wake up to a cloudy sky.. will the low ends the dry spell.. sky pic 

Probable location of land fall -through Kollidam River estuary ?

 * It may be presumed that the system is [NOW]crossing in between Tarangambadi and Cuddalore.

** Further one can assume that crossing point would have been at the estuary of River Kollidam.
[i.e at 11 Deg 21 Min 59 Sec North and
         79 Deg 49 Min 46 Sec East]
16.11.2013 / RF ending at 0730 hrs IST.
1 VEPPANTHATTAI 11.3 78.8 11.O
2 MANALMEDU 11.2 79.6 34.0
3 LALPET 11.3 79.5 29.0
4 CHETTIKULAM 11.1 78.8 11.0
5 KODAVASAL 10.8 79.5 13.0
6 KOLLIDAM 11.3 79.7 41.0
7 JAYAKONDAM 11.2 79.4 24.0
8 PERAMBALUR 11.2 78.9 11.2

5am, heavy rain all along central, n-central  coast, adjacent interior Tamilnadu..

Chennai - 5:45am, moderate rain now over Polichalur zone