Thursday, October 20, 2016

Typhoon Haima, Bay - 99B and NE monsoon delay !

Typhoon #HAIMA is nearing China coast near to HongKong ... Landfall expected in next 18hrs .. .. 

This Typhoon has popped a LOW in our central Bay of Bengal as well, it is tracked as 99B ...
This 99B is trying to establish/consolidate even though the low-level wind gush is still happening from S Bay to that Typhoon ...
At present 99B is a LOW with pressure around 1004mb.
Expected movement is NE during next 2 days towards Myanmar coast !

99B, Models suggest a North or NW re-curve after nearing Myanmar coast ... this will even delay the easterlies "NE Monsoon" into SE Bay. 99B 's expected re-curve may not happen if it fizzles out along Myanmar coast along with Typhoon Haima over China !
Has to watch till 23-Oct.

During next 2 days, due to pull effect of 99B, Kerala can have SW Monsoon style showers and HEAVY T showers along W-ghats Kerala, Tamilnadu ...
During next 2 days, scattered T showers expected to pop over central,W,SE, S Tamilnadu !