Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's raining in Bangalore again from 6:30pm today ...
RT @rachitchandra: Got drenched in the rain in bangalore! I miss arunachal pradesh and the incessant rains I experienced back home
RT @vinayakh: Yay ! Howling and cold wind outside. Looks like it's going to rain (in north bangalore atleast).
RT @Ssaaju: Rains rains rains.. Bangalore rain in ma place at whitefield... Jus luving it..... ;) :) ;)
RT @JainS99: Stuck in Kormangla , heavy rain in Bangalore.
At 9:30pm, the central Tamilnadu thunder storm is near Trichy ..
RT @redthil: to everyone's surprise, it lightning and loud thunders here at madurai..little drizzles, pleasant wind, blows away the HEAT..
RT @technolect: Yipppieeeee....... Its raining heavily ... :) wid heavy thunder n lightning.... Madurai has become super cool....
RT @G_Viju: Heavy rainfall in Madurai, it's been raining for past 30 mins
RT @trsabarish: @ravicsk Ok..... Here unexpected shower in madurai for 3hrs... Heavy rain... Temp dropped to 20's.... Cool nite
At around 7pm a massive thunder storm grew over Madurai (Tamilnadu) ..
At 5:30pm, Lots of thunder cells were seen peppered over most of south peninsula..
NASA's satellite images show Icelandic volcanic ash moving into Germany ..
RT @fayiskottakkal: the mercury level contin'ing in lower levels,after heavy rain,must beleave,kerala god's own country,
RT @daluvzh: @mrskpk My Kerala Very good Hevy rain is going on
.4pm, Thunder cells over South Kerala, S and N Tamilnadu are intensifying
RT @nandagopalr: Thunder n lightning here @ Trivandrum. But no rain :( (at 3:03pm)
This year we are having more Thunder storms over south Kerala.. We may have an "Deepression" or "Cyclone" over Bay around 2nd week of May.
3:30pm, Heavy showers again over SOuth extreme W.Ghats (Kerala) and isolated cells over N and S Tamilnadu ..
3:30pm, Thunder cells over Nepal, North Bangladesh, N-E Orissa, N-E and Central Andhra ..
IPL : Match in Dharamsala, Chennai V Kings Punjab is under way with Heavy Cloud cover and chance of Shower..
Rainfall on 17-Apr, Heavy showers over N-E states and over Kerala ..
Fall in maximum temperatures predicted over northwest, central and east India
cyclonic circulation lies over Lakshadweep area and neighbourhood between 2.1 and 6 Km above mean sea level
Severe heat wave conditions are prevailing over most parts of Rajasthan ,Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh
2:30pm, Isolated thunder cells over South W.Ghats (Kerala) and over North Tamilnadu.
IPL, Rains likely in Dharamsala ..
Yesterday, "Himachal's IPL venue sizzles at 35.2 degrees‎" ..
IPL , Rain may spoil Chennai 's hope of getting into Semi finals??
IPL : Chennai v Kings Punjab at Dharamsala, Is it raining there ? ..
1pm, Isolated thunder cell over South Orissa .. .. and nothing much over south peninsula
1pm, Showers continue over N-E states ..
1pm, Good western disturbance is over Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh causing heavy showers ..
@pankajtalukdar >> Thanks for that, pls keep sending us more.
@DARKHORSE952 >> Thanks for that, pls keep sending us more.
RT @geohacker: Yesterday's rain was good it seems, somehow saved a lot of electricity for Kerala. Black out in most parts of Calicut.
Chennai - after 3 days of morning cloud formation today it's CLEAR and HOT now 9:24am
4th night in a row, Yesterday night also thunder squalls occurred over N-E Bihar, N.Bengal, N.Bangladesh and into N-E states.
Yesterday's South thunder storm over Kerala moved north along W.ghats and almost covered Full of Kerala .. (3:30am)
RT @paulmathew: Beautiful Kerala morning. Sunlight glistening off the bright green leaves still wet from last night's rain.
RT @nommypaul: Nimbus clouds have been generous to kochi kerala. cool climate out here due to rain
RT @DARKHORSE952's night time & winds still havnt slowed down.its Ok as it cools down the weather,but i dnt like flooded streets also
RT @hashkerala: RT @Malayalam_News : @weatherofindia Heavy rainfall with thunderstorms in Kannur, north Kerala.