Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chennai - 10pm, a heavy electric shower is nearing N,N-W suburbs (Ponneri, Red hills zones) of city.

TN NEM rainfall

NRLMRY NEXSAT:241013 / 0730 Z
The cloud is moving slowly in W-NWly direction. The high pressure ridge is preventing it to move in Northward direction. 

The SWly feeder to the circulation which passed through Salem and adjoining area experienced rainfall.

When there is cut off in circulation and possibly when there emerges another circulation near Chennai then probably Chennai may get rainfall.

The SW winds which have withdrawn from Indian main land is feeding moisture from Indian Ocean to the circulation and keeps it alive.

Last year during the same period MURJAN was active; then NILAM came.

Circulation has moved N-N-W and may continue the same

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 12.30pm, Overcast sky, dark clouds, no significant rain as of now.. sky pic @ varthur lake 

#Chennai - 1:30pm, High cloud cover continues. Wind, cloud movement from S-W.
T.Showers possible after 3pm.

Today, the low,mid, upper level circulation is over S-central Andhra ... 
Now NAVGEM model suggests that the circulation to move N-N-W into S,S-W Maharastra in 48hrs and vanish.. 
Latest GFS expects the circulation to drift N-W into S Maharastra and may drift N-E into E Maharastra in 60hrs .. 
Latest models didn't support circulation drifting into Arabian se, there's a possibility of a circulation along S Maharastra coast in 48hrs