Monday, August 08, 2011

Chennai - radar shows long drizzle night ahead for S, S-W parts of Chennai
8pm, Heavy rain as expected over S.Rajasthan, Entire Madhyapradesh, Orissa, S. Bengal ..
Chennai - Massive cloud formation and heavy rain over S-W of chennai at around 60km from center
Chennai - have good sea breeze now 4:25pm and cloud formation has started over W-S-W.. Today again showers expected after 6pm.
RT @jeevannileshwar: Entire Kerala suffers due to heavy rain of past few days.
Scotland wetter than a Mumbai monsoon ?? ...
RT @newindianxpress: Rain wreaks havoc in Kottayam: via @AddThis
RT @rajugana: Baroda 10.00am, Fully overcast sky..slight drizzles at times, but no heavy rains during the weekend. Now it is drizzling.

Call for Papers: International Conference on climate change: Shifting science and changing policy

Liberty Institute, New Delhi and Mumbai University have joined hands to organize an international conference on climate change on October 14, 2011, Mumbai.

Conference Themes

Theme 1: Science of climate change

Theme 2: Extreme weather in the Indian subcontinent

Theme 3: Changing sea level (regional & global)

Theme 4: Monsoon variability and its impact on agriculture

Theme 5: Climate of discourse and India’s policy options

Call for Papers

For young scholars in India (below 35 years) there is an opportunity to participate in this conference. Those interested, are invited to submit a paper, not exceeding 3000 words on any of the themes and related issues, by August 31 2011.

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