Friday, May 31, 2013

RT @AxPn: Continous rains since evng 6pm across all areas of Bangalore - heavy traffic jams/water logging @weatherofindia 10:30pm

RT @ValPrajj: @weatherofindia unabated rain since sunset in bangalore. @BBCHindi @BBCWorld 11:25pm

RT @___narayan___: @weatherofindia It is raining in #Allahabad (UP) at 6.10PM 

RT @aash_tvm: It is raining in #Trivandrum frm noon. #kerala #Malayalam @weatherofindia (5:42pm)

7pm, Heavy rain continue over most of Kerala, T.showers over N,N-E,N-W,central Tamilnadu , S,central Andhra ... 

7pm, Showers also seen over Bihar, Jharkand, E.Uttarpradesh and Bengal ...

RT @nidheeshn: Raining . Me fully drenched too. Stopped my car side, just to enjoy watching the rain #Kerala (6:31pm)

Today's weather in #Kolkata !!


Today very fine weather. little cloudy. temp around 28 degree. last night too cool. winds blowing from S-W .early morning little showers for few minutes seen in Howrah suburban district.



  • Sudden development of thick cloud in far north west kolkata in hoogly district and Barackpur.
    May b chance of  Few spells along with thunder shower reported in far north kolkata.
    To north dum dum zone


    Reported by 
3pm, Mild showers seen over S-W,W suburbs of #Chennai.

#Chennai - 3:30pm, Rain seen all along S-W,W,N-W at 40km from city.

3pm, Heavy rain continues over central Kerala, lots of T.showers seen over N,central,N-E.Tamilnadu ... 
1:30pm, early T.showers popping over N,N-E.Tamilnadu and into S.Andhra !

Thiruchirapalli - Airport has reported "Rain with thunderstorm" at 1:10pm.

1:40pm, W,S,S-W suburbs of #Chennai is showing signs of an early T.shower. Temperarture is around 34 C now!

#Monsoon pushing into S.Kerala

12:30pm, #Monsoon pushing into S.extreme Tamilnadu and Kerala now ... 

12:30pm, Very heavy pushing into S,Central Kerala ...

RT @aratikumarrao: .@weatherofindia Hi there, Monsoon (or rain :)) Photo Updates on Tumblr: :) 

RT @aratikumarrao: Very high waves & dark horizon, rain kovalam, #Kerala (1:17pm)

Some #Kerala #rain photos found in Instagram.

"94B" update ! More rain ahead for Bihar, Bengal and Jharkand !

Today as well, the remnant circulation of "94B" persists over Central.Bengal and along Bihar.

Here's a rainfall map showing the rainfall distribution on the day (29-May) when "94B" moved inland into S.Bengal.

Rainfall stats till 8:30am of 31-May-2013
Midnapore­11,   Jamshedpur­7 CM.
12pm, Satellite shows, more rain seen over E.Jharkand, central Bengal and into S.Bihar.

RT @shaan4me: Heavy rain in #kochi..  (10:27am) #kerala @weatherofindia They say monsoon have not yet reached the state. Haha 

#Monsoon rain over S.tip Tamilnadu, S.tip Kerala from early hours

Reports of heavy and moderate rain from 4am today over most parts of S.tip Tamilnadu (Kanyakumari district) and S.tip Kerala.
Below first 2 photos were taken in Nagercoil, Tamilnadu at around 6:30am.

RT @aratikumarrao: Flat light and pouring rain in kovalam #Kerala. for the fisherfolk, life goes on as usual. . (8am)

8am, Satellite IR shows showers lashing Southern most part of Kerala and Tamilnadu.

:: update at 10:21am ::
RT @robin_a_p: Monsoon rains !!! (at Trivandrum) [pic] — (9:58am)

RT @shekki: Its raining in Trivandrum. The place looks so beautiful. (10am)

RT @lillyvgp: It's raining in Trivandrum.#mandatory rain tweet. *laughs at rest of India * (10:19am)