Friday, December 30, 2011

chennai - ALL showers stopped after a very long showery and windy past 24hrs ... NO rain expected till 4am of 31-Dec
7pm, Where's cyclone Thane ?? Sitting over Karnataka, Andhra and Tamilnadu meeting zone.. as a LOW ...
RT @scanman: Steady rain since 6pm in Salem. Mildly windy. cycloneThane @weatherofindia
chennai - Drizzles continue now 6:41pm over S. Chennai and some sharp showers continue over N. Chennai .. more showers expected tonight !!!
A weak W.D will start to affect N-W kashmir from 31-Dec.. followed by a strong W.D on 3-Jan ...
On 29-Dec, Lowest temp of ­--2.1 C has been recorded  at Amritsar (Punjab)
chennai - Sharp showers continuing non-stop from 2am of 30-Dec, heavy over S. Chennai .. 4:19pm
@twittarul >> Nagapattinum - Showers and less winds possible till noon of 31-Dec
சென்னையிலிருந்து மாதவரம் வழியாக காலை 8.20க்கு திருச்சி செல்லும் ரயில் ரத்தாகியுள்ளது. அதேபோல் திருச்சியிலிருந்து தஞ்சாவூர் வழியாக காலை 9.20க்கு சென்னை செல்லும் ரயிலும் ரத்தாகியுள்ளது. பாண்டிச்சேரியிலிருந்து காலை 5.30க்கு சென்னை வரவேண்டிய ரயில் செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது. சென்னையிலிருந்து பாண்டிச்சேரிக்கு புறப்பட்ட ரயில் பாதிவழியில் செங்கல்பட்டிலேயே நிறுத்தப்பட்டுள்ளது. மயிலாடுதுறையிலிருந்து விழுப்புரத்திற்கு காலை எட்டுமணிக்கு புறப்பட வேண்டிய இரயில் ரத்து செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளது. சென்னை எழும்பூரில் இருந்து 12.45 மணிக்கு புறப்பட வேண்டிய வைகை எக்ஸ்பிரஸ் ரயில் புயல் காரணமாக நிறுத்தி வைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது. திருச்சியிலிருந்து காலை 6.30மணிக்கு சென்னைக்கு புறப்பட்ட பல்லவன் எக்ஸ்பிரஸ் அரியலூரில் நிறுத்தப்பட்டது. இந்த ரயில் மீண்டும் திருச்சிக்கு திருப்பி விடப்பட்டுள்ளது.

Premkumar Julien posted on

"It is 8.34 am probably extensive damages in puducherry. Rubbishes strewn all over the streets. It all started at 2.00 am peeking at bout 3.25 am with very heavy gale winds, communication lines, power off for the whole night. Mobile towers not available. fortunately land line phones are intact."
IMD - Chennai report of Thane and Rainfall amounts ! ..
RT @satishalavandar: chidambaram strong winds till 9pm light drizzle still on , several large trees uprooted ,highways blocked no elec ..
RT @joesat: @weatherofindia pondy - RT @lastashero: took away our company's name board, the overhead tank, broke 4 glass windows
@santhosh_ezv >> Bangalore - Showers possible till midnight today and odd showers possible till tomorrow noon.

IMD - Chennai report of Thane and Rainfall amounts !

            Latest satellite imagery and coastal observations indicates that yesterday’s Very Severe Cyclonic Storm ‘THANE’ over southwest Bay of Bengal moved further westward and crossed North Tamil Nadu coast between Cuddalore and Puducherry between 0630 and 0730 hrs IST of today. It  then continued to move westwards and weakened into a severe cyclonic storm and  lay centered at 0830 hrs IST of today, the 30th December 2011 near latitude 11.80N and longitude 79.50E about 30 Km west of Cuddalore and 35 Km southwest of  Puducherry. The system is likely to move westwards and weaken further.
            Northeast monsoon has been vigorous over Coastal Tamil Nadu.
             Rainfall occurred at many places over Coastal Tamil Nadu and at a few places over Rayalaseema. Isolated rainfall occurred over Interior Tamil Nadu, Coastal Andhrapradesh and South Interior Karnataka. Dry weather prevailed over Telangana, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Coastal and North Interior Karnataka.
            Puducherry airport recorded a very heavy rainfall of 15 centimetres.

            The following stations recorded heavy rainfall in centimetres:

            Kalpakkam and Kelambakkam (both Kanchipuram dt) 10 each, Cuddalore, Maduranthagam and Uthiramerur (both Kanchipuram dt) 9 each, Chengalpattu and Mahabalipuram (both Kanchipuram dt) 8 each and Rapur (Nellore dt), Puttur (Chittoor dt), Chennai airport, Tiruvallur and Chidambaram (Cuddalore dt) 7 each.

             The other chief amounts of rainfall recorded in centimetres are:

            Nellore, Chennai, Anna University and DGP Office (both Chennai dt), Sriperumpudhur (Kanchirpuram dt), Chembarambakkam (Tiruvallur dt), Vanur (Villupuram dt) and Sirkali (Nagapattinam dt) 6 each, Tada (Nellore dt), Sathyavedu (Chittoor dt), Cheyyur (Kanchipuram dt), Kanchipuram, Ponneri, Red Hills and Thamaraipakkam (all Tiruvallur dt), Karaikal and Vanthavasi (Tiruvannamalai dt) 5 each, Gudur and Venkatagiri Town (both Nellore dt), Tirupathi airport, Tambaram, Gingee (Villupuram dt), Villupuram, Kollidam and Mayiladuthurai (Both Nagapattinam dt), Nagapattinam and Sholingur (Vellore dt) 4 each, Tirupathi (A), Srikalahasthi (Chittoor dt), Tiruttani, Poonamalli, Ramakrishnarajpet, Tiruvalangadu, Cholavaram and Poondi (all Tiruvallur dt), Tindivanam (Villupuram dt), Nannilam (Tiruvarur dt), Tiruvarur, Tarangambadi (Nagapattinam dt), Cheyyar (Tiruvannamalai dt) and Arakonam (Vellore dt) 3 each, Kavali, Atmakur (Nellore dt), Rajampet (Cuddapah dt), Chittoor, Pallipattu (Tiruvallur dt), Kattumannarkoil, Sethiyathope and Virudhachalam (all Cuddalore dt), Kumabakonam and Tiruvidaimarudhur (both Thanjavur dt), Kodavasal, Needamangalam and Valangaiman (all Tiruvarur dt), Vedaranyam, Ambur and Kaveripakkam (both Vellore dt) and Jayamkondam (Ariyalur dt) 2 each and Vinjamur and Seetharamapuram (both Nellore dt), Salur (Vizianagaram dt), Lakkireddipalli and Rayachoty (both Cuddapah dt), Punganur, Thambalapalle, Pakala, Kalakada, Venkatagirikota and Perumallapalli (A) (all Chittoor dt), Arogyavaram, Srimushnam and Tozhudur (both Cuddalore dt), Sankarapuram, Tirukoilur and Ulundurpet (all Villupuram dt), Adiramapattinam, Thanjavur, Orathanadu, Papanasam and Pattukottai (all Thanjavur dt), Mannargudi, Pandavaiyar head and Tiruthuraipoondi (all Tiruvarur dt), Arani and Chengam (both Tiruvannamalai dt), Gudiyatham, Melalathur, Vaniyambadi and Walajapet (all Vellore dt), Vellore, Tirupathur, Yercaud and Ariyalur 1 each.
RT @priyankawriting: RT @srinidotme: cuddalore - Wind was very furious at 8.00 am. Terrible experience ever. @joesat @weatherofindia
Sporadic Showers for N. Tamilnadu to continue till noon of 31-Dec..
Showers to begin for N-W Tamilnadu, Nilgiris, S. Karnataka and N,central Kerala from evening today due to remnant of Cyclone Thane.
A moisture push is happening from Bay into E.central India .. showers expected in these zones on 1,2,3-Jan-2012..
chennai - showers and wind speed has gone down.. Now 12:51pm only drizzles in some parts ! .. more sharp showers expected till midnight.
Cyclone Thane is now 12:49pm a Depression .. and centered 100km E-N-E of Salem ...
RT @vipulananda: RT @htTweets: Cyclonic storm leaves six dead in TN and Puducherry
RT @yjenith: cyclone mood at Chennai
Cyclone Alert. Helplines Chennai: 1913, 25619237; Kancheepuram DA 1077, Police 9445465536, 27238001; Tiruvallur DA 27661200; Police 27661010
Cyclone "Thane " crosses land at 4.30 am on Friday at exacly 11.8 N and 79.7E, that is at Puducherry. While crossing, it sustained core pressure at 983 mb, which weakened rapidly on hitting land.
Currently at 8.30 am, centre of system 55 kms west of Cuddalore.
Expected west movement with weakening. Overcast in Bangalore with cool Friday and intermittent rains.

chennai - more heavy rain approaching city from S-E .. will reach in another 30 min.
Cyclone Thane .. is still having an EYE .. and not yet weakened to a Depression yet (8:30am) ...
Cyclone is marching inland .. now 8:30am is located 50km S-W of Cuddalore and still having an EYE and NOT yet weakened to a Depression
Chennai is having strong winds and showers now 7:20am. Will continue till 12pm!
Cyclone thane is inland and centered over cuddalore at 7am. Still having cyclone strength!

THANE 30122011/0625 hrs IST

The cloud mass centre may be approximately EAST of Kalitheerthalkuppam [Cuddalore] at about 80KM. Now it is the phase that Easterly winds will enter.  Maximum sustained winds of 125 KMPH must not be confused with surface winds since the maximum sustained wind is a parameter only ON SMOOTH WATER only. Within another THREE to FIVE hours from NOW 90% of clouds will be cleared and perhaps (sometimes) sun shine will come. 
This is a  cloud mass [not tightly organised to produce gale winds or torrential rains] slowly diffused.

Cyclone thane going to cross just south of cuddalore in another 2hours