Wednesday, June 08, 2011

CAPE factor along S. Andhra coast is also on higher side so Heavy T.showers likely in another 24 hrs over S. Andhra, N, N-E. Tamilnadu
@divia_gazinkar >> Goa will have Heavy showers again from 12-Jun .. Till then showers will be of low intensity.
Chennai - Can expect a T.shower after 4pm... due to good vertical velocity and Monsoon current.
Today, Vertical velocity over S. Andhra and N. Tamilnadu coast is oh higher side... can expect heavy T.showers towards evening.
Chennai - Touches a max of 36 deg C at 1pm
Chennai - Today having a 90% clear day... with NO cloud formation at all.
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 10.50am, Yestday 39-29, No rain. Now it's hot and humid with passing clouds from SW.
RT @bheemaupadhyaya: No chng in weather pattern in Bangalore, overcast, msty gonna rain dis no more twts reg weather @akshaydeoras