Tuesday, January 15, 2013

N.Tamilnadu is having COLD mornings and Warm noons... Chennai = 19.1C, Dharmapuri = 12.9C, KARUR PARAMATHI = 16.5C, Salem = 18.3C.

COLD morning for N,Central Tamilnadu and #Chennai expected till 18/19-Jan.
10pm, Kashmir is cloudy due to W.D, by noon tomorrow most of N.India will come under cloud cover and some rain.. http://ow.ly/i/1njDG 
An easterlies is expected to reach Srilanka on evening of 18-Jan... http://ow.ly/i/1njv9 
Today the low,mid level Anti-cyclone was over N,N-E Maharastra.. and will move E-N-E into E.India on 18-Jan... http://ow.ly/i/1njjf

The present W.D will be followed by another COLD wave for N,N-W,N-Central India from 18-Jan. Both night and day temp. will drop below normal
W.D circulation has entered into N-W India.. http://ow.ly/i/1niNZ

The upper level circulation of present W.D will reach N,N-W India on 17-Jan... http://ow.ly/i/1niTF

This W.D Upper level circulation and it's trough will pull moisture from N.Arabian sea into N-W,N,N-central India by 16,17-Jan.

Scattered rain for N-W,N,N-Central India is expected to start from noon / evening of 16-Jan... http://ow.ly/i/1nj2L 

The W.D rain for N,N-central India is expected till 18-Jan, before the showers move into Nepal by evening of 18-Jan.

Some rain is also forecast for N,N-W Uttarpradesh on 17,18-Jan... http://ow.ly/i/1njaE