Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A moderate W.D is expected to reach W.Kashmir and Punjab by 15-Nov.

Will this W.D have any affect on the Bay system "98B" during 15,16,17-Nov..??
"98B", Latest NOGAPS suggests Depression and North West movement towards N.Tamilnadu & S.Andhra coast in next 3 days.. http://ow.ly/ffHJH 

8pm, Latest on "98B".. Moved North & taking shape

Latest satellite shot at 7pm, reveals that the system is taking shape.
Pressure remains around 1008mb.
Here's the latest position plot on map.
In the past 12hrs the system has moved North.

Some models suggest a Depression in next 3 days and the system moving NORTH into Bay... and expects NOTHING for Tamilnadu from this.
But latest NOGAPS suggests Depression and North West movement towards N.Tamilnadu & S.Andhra coast in next 3 days.

Latest COLA model still maintains a Northerly movement for "98B" from today... expects it to become as Depression.. http://ow.ly/i/17APp

"98B" on Diwali morning !

"98B" on Diwali morning, 8:30am.
Pressure is still around 1008mb. Heavy convective activity seen!

Here's the latest location plot.

#chennai - 8:55am, having a mild Diwali morning with clear skies... Temp. now is 27.2°C

Happy Diwali !

Happy Diwali wishes to all our readers !

A partly cloudy night ahead for coastal Karnataka, W,S-W.Maharastra.. convective activity to continue over "98B".. http://ow.ly/i/17usP 
A fresh W.D is expected to reach W.Kashmir, Punjab by evening of 14-Nov.
Showers seen around 200km East from #chennai now... this may not reach coast... due to the system 98B.

If "98B" behaves as per models then there'll not be ANY Rain for most of Tamilnadu & #chennai from 14-Nov till 21-Nov.

Some showers possible along Tamilnadu coast, #chennai till evening of Diwali day as per latest data.
The steering winds OR the 200hpa Jet is from S-E upto 13/14th parallel and from S-W above that ... http://ow.ly/i/17ucg

The steering winds will steer the circulation "98B" initially towards N-W and then may be North or N-N-E.. http://ow.ly/i/17ucg
Latest NOGAPS model suggest that "98B" will become as a Depression and move North into Bay in next 2 days.. http://ow.ly/i/17u2l

COLA model also suggests a Northerly movement & Depression in next 2 days for "98B"... http://ow.ly/i/17u5b 
At 12am now.. the S.Bay circulation is now marked as "98B" ... Pressure around 1008mb .. http://ow.ly/i/17tTS

Here's the latest position of "98B" plotted on map... http://ow.ly/i/17tXi

11:30pm, Convective activity seen along the circulation "98B"... http://ow.ly/i/17tZs