Saturday, July 07, 2012

SW Monsoon moves further into Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh and Punjab.. see map on Current Page 

While moving in, there was good precipitation in these states. Anandpur Sahib 14 cms, Chandigarh recieved 12 cms, Naraingarh 11 cms, Hoshiarpur 9cms, Nangal 6 cms. Delhi managed between 4-6 cms.

As the Monsoon progressed, there was very heavy rain in East Rajajsthan. Amongst the heavier falls there:Todabhim 14, Atru 14, Alwar 13, Kishanganj 11, Shahabad 11 and Chabra 8.
In West UP, Philbhit got 15cms. Varanasi got 9 cms.

So there was very precipitation along the Monsoon axis (line) as estimated. 

But, the Monsoon still has a long way to go..

#chennai - 5:40pm, Heavy rains over zone East of Walajapet ... it's around 80km S-W from city.
#chennai - Showers near W-S-W of Tambaram fizzled out quickly. Sea breeze is strong & Heavy cloud formations continue.. T.shower possible.

RT @dsanjeevkumar: @weatherofindia It is so hot and sultry at Guindy, #chennai at present (4:22pm)! No Signs of rain or cool breeze even..!! 
#chennai - 4:18pm, precipitation has started over S-W suburbs of city, now around 30km S-S-W from city. Heavy showers nearing Tambaram zone.

#chennai - 4:22pm, sea breeze seen upto a height of 0.9km above sea level.. this is good for present rains and more development possible !
#chennai - 3:03pm, good sea breeze from East and Cloud formation continues.

RT @ssaig: Rain #Kerala #Kochi (2:39pm)
RT @theanujtiwari: @weatherofindia #Lucknow last 3-4 days are getting rained on static mausam are quite pleasant.

RT @chirag_roshan: @weatherofindia Still No Sign Of Rain In #northgujarat only Black Clouds coming and going all time #weatherofindia 
Offshore trough along S-W coast persists but weak along N.Maharastra coast. Expected to deepen & stay till 10-Jul..

Today, Gujarat is having good feed of Monsoon current and expected to continue till 10-Jul..

Monsoon current to strengthen again along Maharastra coast, Goa, Karnataka coast and upto N.Kerala coast on 9-Jul..

Medium level circulation over Gujarat persists and expected to vanish in another 12hrs ..

Fresh UAC expected to pop along S.Gujarat & N.Maharastra coast on 8-Jul and it'll move North into S.Gujarat on 10-Jul..

Vorticity along S.Gujarat coast, N.Maharastra coast & #Mumbai are high till 10-Jul.. Showers to possible in these zones 
RT @priyanka_pandit: Perfect weather to be in Kolkata.. cool & not too humid yet, with dark clouds full of rain looming in the sky (12:56pm)

#Kolkata airport reports RAIN at 12:20pm

#chennai - 1:09pm, Having a clear & HOT day so far. Records 37.0°C at 12:40pm and mild winds from West continue.

Past 2 days, #chennai , N.Tamilnadu & S.Andhra had good conditions for a evening T.shower but did not materialize.

... T.showers for S.Andhra, N.Tamilnadu did not materialize due to lack of monsoon moisture.

Today as well, the vertical velocity along S.Andhra, N.Tamilnadu & #chennai is HIGH. more chances of evening T.showers. 
12pm, lots of fresh showers popping over Uttarpradesh, S.Bengal.. very less rain activity seen along entire S-W coast.. 
Rainfall details till 8:30am of 6-Jul ..

Situation in flood-affected India's Assam state worsens .. 

Assam flood: Over 500 animals dead in Kaziranga ...  #disaster
Very less rain possible for entire Kerala .. especially for central & South #Kerala till 12-Jul.

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 12.45pm, Sunny with Passing clouds & Passing showers... a pic 
Today as well, the circulation over E.Uttarpradesh persists ...

COLA suggests that a Fresh circulation is expected over S.Bengal on 8-Jul and its expected to move W-N-W..

The next circulation is expected to move W-N-W from S.Bengal and it's expected to reach N.Madhyapradesh by 10-Jul..

More heavy & widespread rain forecast for entire E.India, Madhyapradesh, Nepal & entire Himalayan foot hills till 10-Jul
On 6-Jul, highest Maximum temperature of 42.3°C recorded at Churu(Rajasthan)

RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Heavy cloud cover over Delhi. More rains likely. Huge relief for us. (12:08pm)

NO let up in HEAT seen for W-N-W and N-W India and central, S. Pakistan till 14-Jul .. 
RT @aash_tvm: It rained in #trivandrum here and there 2day. Where has monsoon gone? It's playing hide&seek wit #kerala. @weatherofindia

RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia #Delhi is having spells of showers. Records 26 (1100 hrs) 

RT @gaganchauhan90: @weatherofindia heavy rain in chandigarh right now..current temperature 25 degrees celsius.