Wednesday, November 11, 2009

GFS predicts heavy showers for south Tamilnadu starting from 16-Nov-09 .. No sign of Bay Low in this prediction.
JTWC:: latest predicted path of Cyclone "phyan" ..
Cyclone "Phyan" is and was a FAST mover. But moved as predicted.
Latest satellite pic shows Cyclone "phyan" is inland .. .. moving towards south-west M.P and dying fast.
RT @RajeshMenon70: Cyclone Phyan weakens, moves off Mumbai coast but warning to fishermen still remain.
RT @amisht: Fraud cyclone (atlst in Mumbai)! Even the rain has stopped here. Upside is that I got to spend the afternoon with my son! :-)
RT @guwahati: Rain-soaked Mumbai one-dayer abandoned - BigPond News
RT @godspeed23: Kalina, Santacruz East clearing up RT @steph1985: same here in vile parle.. RT @ksavai: Sky clear and no wind in goregaon mumbai phyan
Cyclone "phyan" loosing strength now 2:44pm
RT @_anish: RT: @mumbaitimes: Mumbai Times Mumbai gets into disaster control mode Mumbai Times
Latest satellite shot of Cyclone "Phyan" ..
RT @rohitbhopali: Stormy weather in Mumbai ..... hope this time the disaster management program is in place !
RT @zeolshah: New blog post: Mumbai gets into disaster control mode
RT @ullasd: RT @agnnair: @anmenon hehe.. they may even sell tickets for the cyclone show @ksekher | yes, It is Mumbai|
RT @sneh1234: mumbai offices colleges closed one more paid leave
RT @kirtitandel: @Zaina6 Here Mumbai is waiting for Phyan... 131 kms away and closing in.
RT @karanarora: @adrena for real !?? RT @monikkinom: Mumbai to shut before 2 pm. All Offices, School Closed.
Latest satellite shows.. It seems Cyclone is making a landfall just south of Mumbai ..
RT @abhinavsahai: Mumbai Traffic Police have issued a cyclone warning with winds of 60 to 70 kmph and advised against travel. What happens to the ODI match?
RT @mymumbaitraffic: Stuck in traffic because of a cyclone in mumbai in november. Three cheers for climate change.
Chennai’s rains and drains ..
Latest satellite shot ..
RT @nidsnid: raining still in Mumbai,..nice change if u dont hve to go out and stay indoors :)
Take care .. North-west Maharastra coast , South Gujarat and Mumbai.
RT @shuvankr: Mumbai Cyclone Alert: landfall by 5.30 to 7pm. BMC advisory is not enough, help them to vacate the low lying areas.
Chennai - Chance of a sharp shower around 12:30 to 1:30 pm is increased to 80%
Chennai - Rain threat from a potential huge cloud just north-east is subdued now 11:33am.. But good low cloud formation continue.
RT @rusagar: Cyclone Phyan ,, Flights cancelled, emergency services on high alert -
RT @vishwaveer: Cyclone hits Mumbai!!!
RT @rohinik: It takes no genius to figure out there won't be any cricket in Mumbai today. Might as well... we would have lost.
RT @amolmathur: I think chennai's much needed cyclone has reached mumbai. Maybe it lost its way back there. Lol.

Cyclone "phyan" .. latest satellite shot

Cyclone "phyan" .. latest satellite shot, forecast and coordinates.
Refresh this page every 5 or 10 minutes to see the latest.

JTWC's Predicted track of "Phyan":
RT @vinayakgole: Mumbai is drenched but the news channels are more concerned about Manu Sharma. No update on local trains. :-(
RT @RahulGaurav: Raining heavily in Mumbai... The weather has become awesome :)
As Cyclone "phyan" nears Mumbai .. Ind v Aus, 7th ODI may be a non-starter.
Chennai - Now 9:20am, Getting cloudy with good low cloud formation from East-south-east.
RT @ceetee: - Cyclone alert in mumbai. Extract from mumbai mirror
Cyclone "phyan" just south-west of Mumbai now 9:01am and RED Alert for Mumbai coast.
Satellite taken at 8:40am .. shows a massive cloud formation east-north-east of Chennai ..
Latest satellite shot of Cyclone "Phyan" ..
Chennai - Almost dry till now 8:50am with a mild drizzle around early hrs.
Arabian sea Cyclone is now renamed from "04A" to "phyan"