Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Yuktix automatic weather station !

Yuktix provides automatic weather station that can send environment conditions from anywhere having cellphone network. Now keeping an eye on weather from anywhere is easy!
Yuktix AWS (Automatic Weather Station) comes in two versions

(1) Personal AWS : - Personal AWS comes with below specified sensor. With Personal AWS, weather enthusiastic can keep a track of changing weather conditions in their surroundings. They can see the data in real times pushed to Yuktix server at the frequency of 3 minutes in order to capture the smallest change. Same data stored in archive from where it can be downloaded for further research in future. 
  • Relative Humidity (+/-) 2% variation measured
  • Temperature (+/-) 0.3 Celsius
  • Pressure 300-1100 hPa (+/-) 0.12hPa at 25C (+/-)0.02mm
  • Rain fall – accuracy of 0.02 mm
More sensor can be added on demand.
Yuktix cloud membership for 1 year is included watch and download data from your station.

(2) Professional AWS : - Yuktix Professional AWS comes with  below specified sensors along with sensors of personal AWS. Yuktix professional version of AWS can be used Agriculture research institutes, environmental research institutes and other government institutes to keep an eye of changing weather and do weather forecast as well as agriculture advisory by analyzing the  trend of weather in last few days or weeks. 
Yuktix also generate report at 8.00 am every days satisfying IMD guidelines which include Min, Max and Average for the previous day. More reports to be added soon. 
  • Wind speed  ± 2 meter/hour, 0.1kmph,   max 160mph
  • Wind direction ± 5% accuracy
  • Leaf Wetness Dew / Dry Leaf/ Wet Leaf
  • Soil Temperature -40C-60C, resolution 0.1C, 50C-110C with ±0.5C accuracy
  • Soil Dielectric Permittivity Range is  1 (air) - 80 (water). For mineral soil/ potting soil/ rockwool/ perlite