Monday, July 02, 2012

RT @rajugana:  Baroda 7.20PM, After a hot & humid day, formation of clouds at the dusk on the western horizon..a pic 
Private weather stations gaining ground, Met department not worried ..

RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia Delhi is still hot and humid. >> records 40.0°C at 6pm 

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RT @iaravindh: @weatherofindia bangalore is chill with drops of rain (6:34pm)
RT @aash_tvm: cool atmos in #trivandrum city. No rain now. But can shower heavly any time. #weatherupdate #monsoonrain (5:53pm)
RT @anandraaj04: Heavy pour for the last two hours and still it is. #Harbour line #Mankhurd #Vashi #Mumbai (5:45pm)
RT @shilpabansal: @weatherofindia Thunders n shower in Santacruz (5:42pm)

#chennai - 5:43pm, good low level sea breeze from S-E. Cloud formations seen over W,S-W. Scattered Light showers possible after 7pm.
RT @saifarash: 4.50pm Heavy #Monsoon rain here in #Kottakkal #Malappuram #Kerala #weather 

Bangalore Monday July 2 5:30 pm

Precipitation  due to stratus clouds since half an hour. Expecting no significant rainfall.

After a dry spell, Mahabaleshwar received a thunder storm
with a heavy shower this afternoon.
RT @prejudic3: #Trivandrum .. Had rains for a nice while. Settling now.  @weatherofindia (4:04pm)
V velocity over N.Tamilnadu & S.Andhra is on higher side.. but dead High cloud cover, stiff winds from S-W meaning NO cloud formation & rain
2:30pm, Heavy & widespread rain seen along S-W coast, except N.Maharastra coast , #Mumbai and Rain along Orissa coast..

Vertical velocity analysis shows... very high values along S,central Maharastra coast and will  persist till 3-Jul..

2:30pm, As expected VERY heavy rains seen along S,central Maharastra coast ..
#chennai - 2:51pm, Winds from S-W continues.. and HIGH cloud cover continues, NO sign of sea breeze.

RT @cyriacthomas: Best of #kerala #monsoon #rain #green 

RT @sathymj: @weatherofindia Hav not seen rains failing through out June, in the last 50 yrs, in Mumbai. Any Mumbaikar disagrees?
Pls RT
RT @dsanjeevkumar: Heavy rain at vaalpaarai | வால்பாறையில் கனமழை: 4 மணிநேரம் போக்குவரத்து பாதிப்பு Dinamalar
Heavy rain will continue along S-W coast, very heavy rain forecast for S,central.Maharastra coast, Goa for next 24hrs..

As the N-W.Bay low moves inland thru Odisha coast, Heavy rains forecast for Odisha & chatisgarh for next 48hrs..

COLA models suggest that #mumbai will have light showers for next 12 hrs and then the intensity will increase on 3-Jul evening, 4,5-Jul

From 4/5-Jul.. the entire E.India will have HEAVY rains as the Low moves inland and an inland circulation is expected over E.Uttarpradesh 
The offshore trough along S-W coast persists and the pressure will go down even more from today till 8-Jul..

N-W.Bay low along Odisha coast to get deeper and then move inland on 3-Jul ...

The N-W.Bay circulation will move inland and another inland circulation will pop near E.Uttarpradesh and move towards #Delhi from 6-Jul

Today, the medium level circulation can be seen along Maharastra coast and it'll persist for another 2 days..  

UAC can be seen off the coast of S.Maharastra over Arabian sea and another over W-central Bay ...

W-Central Bay UAC will fizzle out on 4-Jul along N-E Andhra...

The UAC over N-E Arabian sea will linger there till 5-Jul .. and it's expected to move towards Gujarat coast on 7-Jul

@aghorii @sathymj >> No announcement of "Monsoon Failure" till 31-Jul-2012. No need to worry !!

Rains lash south west coast !!

Gusty southwesterly winds heralded roaring monsoon rains to Thiruvananthapuram city under an overcast sky this morning.
The setting had been readied overnight with a helpful offshore trough, the receptacle of moisture mopped up by winds from the Arabian Sea, springing back to life along the west coast.

The moisture thus collected brims over, and gets spilled as rain along the coast. It is also carried further inland by the seasonal westerly to southwesterly winds.
According to an India Meteorological Department update, pulsating spells of rains may lash the west coast for the next two days.
Interior peninsula too may share the spoils, with satellite pictures showing west and east coasts awash with moisture this morning.
Telangana, coastal Andhra Pradesh and south Chhattisgarh also would benefit from the rains thanks to proximity to a cyclonic circulation in the adjoining Bay of Bengal.

On the other hand, a counterpart circulation off the Gujarat coast would help drive rain as far inland as into south Madhya Pradesh.
A reasonably powerful system in the Bay of Bengal would have facilitated interaction with this circulation over northeast Arabian Sea to push itself into northwest India.
But this would require the formation of a well-endowed low-pressure area, but there is no forecast of such an eventuality any time soon.
Given this context, it remains to be seen how long the rains would be able to sustain on their own dynamics.

Today, 2 circulations on either side of peninsula, one along N.Maharastra coast another over N.Bay ..

Today, The N.Bay low will slowly push inland and move N-W ... 
On 1-Jul, highest maximum temperature of 46.0°C has been recorded at Churu( Rajasthan)
RT @sathymj: @weatherofindia Clouds but to the East, no rain! Mira Road, Mumbai, 9:15 Am.

RT @rajugana: Baroda 9.45am, Overcast sky, calm and absence of passing low clouds, It drizzled last night..Hope Monsoon rain will start..

RT @abh_photography: And I'm sure my fishes are loving the rain! #Fish #Monsoon #Ripples #Rain #Kerala

RT @abh_photography: Non stop heavy rain. I'm loving it :) #Monsoon #Kerala (11:42am)

#chennai - 11:56am, having another cloudy day so far, breeze from West and temp. at 33.0°C