Wednesday, November 12, 2014

99W is now an elongated circulation over N-E to S-W Srilanka... 
In next 24hrs, 99W is expected to cross into Gulf Mannar, S tip Tamilnadu and push into S-E Arabian sea as trough.. 

The easterlies along Tamilnadu coast will peak on Thursday.
HEAVY rain ahead.
From early hrs of 13-Nov...
More HEAVY widespread rain for Chennai, N,central,S-E coast of Tamilnadu, S coast Andhra 
For N-coast Tamilnadu, Chennai... Heavy rain forecast for most of Thursday and into morning of Friday.

Noon, evening, late-evening of 13-Nov...
HEAVY T showers for many zones of interior Tamilnadu and over S,S-W,W-ghats of Tamilnadu.
13-Nov, Due to easterly trough along kerala, karnataka coast.
T showers for N,central,S Kerala, W-ghats Karnataka into W-ghats Maharastra
Scattered HEAVY T shower alert for S,S-W Tamilnadu on evening of 13-Nov.

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6:50pm, No signs of stopping in Karaikal ! In Chennai too ! #weather

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Karaikal - 5:45pm, Heavy rain ! #weather

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#Chennai - 6pm, light Showers started... going to be widespread, moderate to heavy and "will last till 12am" !! ... 

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Chennai - 5:15pm, mount road photo. Dark now and drizzle over Polichalur zone. #weather

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Karaikal - 5:07pm, Massive thunderstorm here.

99W as a LOW is crossing into E-N-E Srilanka now ... 
99W is expected to push across Gulf Mannar, S tip Tamilnadu and into S-E corner Arabian sea in next 36hrs.

3:30pm, More HEAVY rain expected to push into coastal Tamilnadu in next 4hrs as 99W is moving West... 

@sarakumar1 >> Chennai - 4:30pm, a long steady, moderate shower system is expected to push into city from E-S-E in next 30 min.
#Chennai, N-coast Tamilnadu is in for a long spell of moderate rain starting in next 30 min.. can persist till 9pm ! 

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#chennai - 2:50pm, Anakaputhur zone.. Drizzle. #weather

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@archvivekh .. 99W as a Low is now near ENE srilanka coast. It'll push into Gulf Mannar in 18 hrs. Heavy rain ahead for TN coast, interiors.

7am, Heavy rain with wind here at Karaikal.

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Chennai - 5:35am, heavy rain continue and more to come before 12pm. Photo from Madhavaram. #weather

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Intermittent light to moderate rains in Chennai

 [1] The movement of the system is in N-NWly direction.

[2] The lower level NEly is touching Chennai and is giving INTERMITTENT LIGHT to moderate rainfall.

[3] The upper level easterly are fast [20kts]

Today noon, evening more heavy T showers for S,SW,W Tamilnadu.

By noon of 13-Nov, the LOW is expected to push into S-E corner of Arabian sea.

S-W Bay circulation "99W" is still a LOW and moved West...
In next 36hrs, the S-W Bay LOW is expected to push across Srilanka into Gulf Mannar and cross S tip Tamilnadu..

Due to this movement of 99W LOW...
HEAVY widespread rain expected along N,central,S coast Tamilnadu, Chennai and S coast Andhra for 36hrs.