Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mumbai city and the konkan coast was lashed by heavy rains on S
Winds from the Arabian Sea rushing into the Bay Low, pushed moisture and rain clouds into the Maharashtra coast. As mentioned, the winds picked up really fast after the forming of the low. And rains commenced in the city early
Saturday morning.
Now, the system should move west, and will be over East M.P/Vidharbha/Chattisgarh by Sunday. As the peak intensity is done with, the rains along the coast may sober down to some extent on Sunday.

In the 9 hrs, from 08.30 am till 5.30 pm, Saturday, Mumbai Colaba measured 135 mms and S,Cruz 97 mms of rain.
On sunday night, city should get another spell of heavy rains, and the night rains should measure about 35-40 mms, adding upto aroound 170 mms in 24 hrs ending Sunday morning. Sunday rains will be heavy at times, but not as consistent as Saturday,and more spaced out. With somewhat frequent showers, Sunday should guage up about 60-75 mms.
As the system moves towards west M.P, a slight increase in rains on Monday would be expected, to about 75 mms.
Tuesday, I would see some decreasing of the Mumbai rains.
Interior Maharshtra, and ghats rains will decrease after Tuesday

By Tuesday, system would have crossed Gujarat, with a tendency to move back into the Arabian Sea.It would not be out of place to expect some rains on Tuesday, (when the system will re-emerge),along the Karachi coast.
COLA estimates the new low in the Arabian Sea to move into Oman.

The Northern belt, already reeling under floods, will get a respite from rains next week. Central India will get the brunt of heavy rains this weekend.And Gujarat form Sunday thru Tuesday should get good rains.

Its on now! Another low could be expected to form in the bay around the 27th/28th. a off shoot pulse from the latest typhoon in the Pacific.
RT @ceetee: How is the rain situation in Mumbai now? It's still drizzling in Vashi. MumbaiRains (6:50pm)
RT @Mumbairain: Moderate rain will envelope Mumbai tomorrow. Heavy spells to lash pockets. The day turns cozy as rain pulls down the mercury levels.
RT @manjnair: Congrats! Rain harvesters in Mumbai. Great harvest this year, already!
Full ... Rainfall data of 23-Jul-2010 .. PDF ...
Rainfall map of 23-Jul-10 ...
Heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur over Konkan & Goa, Coastal Karnataka, Vidarbha, Orissa and Chhattisgarh during next 48 hrs
6:30pm, Heavy showers over Rajasthan, Uttarpradesh, E. Madhyapradesh, Chatisgarh, Orissa, Gujarat and Maharastra..
6:30pm, A fully cloudy and showery India ... monsoon at its peak ..
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Chennai - Cloud cover is very heavy now 6:19pm and no rain threat yet... soon there is a chance of some drizzles.

Gaganbawada gets staggering 820 mm in last 5 days

Last 5 days rain fall - 82 cm

Last 5 days rain fall - 56 cm

Last 5 days rain fall - 54 cm

Last 5 days rain fall - 52 cm
Chennai - Touched a max of 31.6 C (2:22pm) ... now 4:33pm.. wind is from West .. Cloud formation is getting heavy.
RT @induviduality: If it doesn't stop raining, we'll soon have to buy boats rain Mumbai BringBackTheSun (10:56am)
RT @wadhwanishanthi: Continuous rain in mumbai hope not another 2005 (11:42am)
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Within next 72hrs the present N-W Bay LOW will move in west direction and will dissipate over W.central Maharastra on 27-Jul-10
In 48hrs, Massive showers expected for Orissa and then into E. Maharastra and S. Chatisgarh ...
Present N-W Bay LOW.. is expectd to Deepen further in next 24 hrs along Orissa coast and then move in West direction..
MSLP map of the present LOW over N-W Bay along Orissa coast ..
RT @earthquake: M 6.2, Moro Gulf, Mindanao, Philippines : Saturday, July 24, 2010 05:35:01 UTC at epicenterDepth: 56
11am, Heavy & Huge cloud mass around the LOW over N-W Bay ...
11am, Massive showers all along Maharastra coast ...
Trees tell tales of rain, drought ...
Cherrapunji crosses 1000 cm for the year ...
Heavy rains in Mahabaleshwar