Thursday, November 01, 2012

Very less rain forecast for most of Tamilnadu for next 3 days.. some rain expected along N,central Tamilnadu coast.
Already the remnant of Nilam has pushed into Central Maharastra.. showers expected in these zones thru the night.

During next 2 days.. the remnant circulation & moisture of Nilam will push rains upto S,E.Madhyapradesh, Jharkand, N.Chatisgarh and Bengal.

Showers expected to persist over E-central,E.India for next 2/3 days ... 
8pm, showers are seen over N,N-E Andhra and into S.Chatisgarh, S,central Orissa ...

8pm, Showers continue over S.Kerala and S.tip Tamilnadu.
@sarakumar1 >> Next easterlies is expected to push into S-E Bay on 7-Nov and a circulation in the same zone... 
#chennai - 5pm, upper level wind are from South and still strong.. In next 12hrs it'll come back to normal but the direction will be same.
In next 24hrs the remnant of Nilam will be a low level circulation and will track N-E into E.Maharastra .. 
Due to Cyclone Nilam the wind pattern is from S-W all along S-Peninsula and will persist till 4/5-Nov...

This present S-W wind pattern over S-Peninsula will produce S-W monsoon style showers for Kerala, S.tip Tamilnadu and this is happening !
3pm, Cyclone Nilam has almost vanished over N-N-W.Karnataka ..

3pm, Due the cyclone Nilam.. showers are now seen upto Orissa coast from N-E.Andhra coast ..  
RT @rajugana: Bangalore 1.40pm, Rain drenched Bangalore due to # 'Nilam' effect. Wet, Green, n Chill a pic 
#chennai - 12:44pm, showers approaching chennai zone from S-S-E .. may reach in next 1hr or dissipate on way!
RT @stephenjoe7: heavy rain in trivandrum.... feels soo good.... (12:21pm)
RT @K4Karthee: @weatherofindia Cloudy, Showers rarely 30* C* #Ramanathapuram (12:17pm)
RT @hereiamnikhil: Rain rain go away, working boy has to gain. #KeralaRain #Trivandrum (12pm)
11am, Cyclone Nilam has weakened and now a depression located almost over N-W.Karnataka ..

11am, Due to Cyclone Heavy rain over central, central coastal Andhra from early hrs today ...

11am, S-W monsoon style showers seen over S.kerala and S.tip Tamilnadu and into Gulf Mannar...
RT @alex_pandian: It is still drizzling 10.30am (n thru the night) with winds and many trees falling in BLR  #cycloneNilam @weatherofindia 
Gujarat continues to be HOT.. On 31-Oct, highest maximum temperatures of 35.8°C was recorded at Bhuj (Gujarat)
Due to Cyclone Nilam's wind pattern.. S-W monsoon style rain seen over S.Kerala and over S.tip Tamilnadu ... 
#chennai - 9:40am, present wind is from S-S-W and less chance of rain till noon. Now its warm with sun peeping out.

RT @rajthilak_87: “@rajthilak_87: my click "#Nilam" #chennairain

Cyclone Nilam - Now over S-central Karnataka and Depression

9am, Cyclone Nilam - Now over S-central Karnataka and Depression.
At 9am it's located over S-central Karnataka and N-W of Bangalore.
Heavy rain and wind all along its way all night.
Now heavy rain seen along s,central Andhra coast.