Wednesday, July 25, 2012

RT @vasudevan_k: . @ranganaathan @weatherofindia heavy rains in perambur. 11:40pm, Chennai

Chennai - sharp shower started at 11:25pm over Polichalur zone

RT @aghorii: @weatherofindia heavy rain since last 30 minutes ... Hyderabad 9pm

RT @satishalavandar: @weatherofindia light drizzle at Koyembedu , chennai 11:24pm

#chennai - 9pm, good low level sea breeze seen. T.showers seen over West at around 100km from city. T.showers expected towards 12am / 1am.

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RT @shanpati: Monsoon has been having brakes all the time! Its not raining in #Mumbai inspite of heavy clouds #whatshappening (4:53pm)

Will rain washout the London Olympic Opening Ceremony? UK Met Office pits itself against Piers Corbyn

Come 27th July, the London Olympics kick off with its Opening Ceremony. Weather can play a spoiler. The Chinese last time demonstrated during the last Olympics that they had the technology to even chase away the rain successfully. This time it is different since here it is the British we are talking of!
So what’s the weather like for the opening ceremony? Weather forecasts are divided. On one hand we have the UK Met Office who promises of dry and shiny weather. On the other hand we have Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist and owner of Weather Action who predicts a damp and rainy day.
During next 2 days, showers may push into Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakand, #Delhi , there after very less rains forecast till 31-Jul

Almost ZERO chance of rains for most of Rajasthan and Gujarat till 30-Jul.. NOT good signs !
Active monsoon along entire S-W coast of India will persist for another 2 days and very LESS rain forecast after

Heavy & Widespread rains for most of E,E-central India for next 2 days.. break expected on 28,29-Jul and rains again..

Towards 31-Jul, more heavy rains coming up for E,E-central India .. as fresh UAC coming up over N.Bay.
Next circulation over N.Bay is expected on 29/30-Jul .. 
Weak offshore trough persists S.Maharastra coast to N.Kerala coast .. it'll stay that way for another 48hrs..

Entire S-W coast is getting active again, but it may last till 28-Jul and after that a Break is expected along S-W coast

Today, 2 low level circulations can be seen, one over N.Chatisgarh & another along S.Bengal coast ..

The present low level circulation is expected to move towards #Delhi and die over N.Madhyapradesh on 27-Jul..

Today, the upper level circulation (UAC) is over N.Chatisgarh & E.Madhyapradesh ..

Tomorrow, a fresh UAC expected over Orissa coast & N-W.Bay.. and expected to move West ..

Remnant of previous UAC can be seen along S,S-E.Gujarat today.. expected to persist for another 36/48hrs .. 
#chennai - S,S-W suburbs got a mild shower yesterday midnight and into early hrs of today.

#chennai - So far 3:19pm, having a partly cloudy day, HOT & HUMID .. records 35.0°C at 2:40pm. No sea breeze yet, but showing signs of it!

Today as well after 5pm the Vertical.V will be HIGH along S.Andhra, N,N-E.Tamilnadu, #chennai. T.showers possible again. 
RT @zenrainman: Rainfall deficient by 39 % over Kerala  Reservoirs and electricty gen. in trouble #monsoon2012 #kerala

RT @saifarash: Heavy rain here #Malappuram #Kerala #Weather (2:46pm)

RT @saifarash: Heavy rain here #Malappuram #Kerala #Weather (1:53pm)
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.00am, Dry, Clear sky & Sunny. No rain for the past two days.