Saturday, May 10, 2014

Time Lapse 10th May 2014 Kolkata

"There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds."

Time Lapse 
10th May 2014 
Kolkata ..........

Trough in East coast

[1] As expected the low entered the Bay and a trough formed in the Bay. [Pre-] Monsoon trough !

[2] It may attract SWly wind through / across TN if and only if it drifts again towards west again.

[3] Contrary to it if the NWly winds are strong and if it drifts towards EAST temperature will increase in North Tamilnadu.

10 May 2014 Summer WD Showers in SW Punjab Malout

Today, a high-level W.D circulation is seen over S-central Pakistan ... 
A mid-level W.D circulation is also seen almost in same zone and along W Rajasthan.
These systems are expected to persist over Pakistan zone and slowly drift East into India on 13/14-May ... 

Due to this W.D system, on today, 11-May - scattered rain expected over Kashmir, Himachal and T showers over Punjab, N Rajasthan, Haryana.
On Monday, 13-May - Heavy scattered rain expected over Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal, N,N-E,W,central,S-W Rajasthan, Himachal, Haryana.
Showers are expected for #Delhi on Sunday, 12,13-May ... 
On 11,12,13-May... scattered T showers expected to pop over N,central,S-W,N-E Rajasthan !

91B - Where's it ? Now what ?

11:30am, analysis of 91B shows that at low-levels (850pa) the system has merged with the N-S trough and now seen from central Chatisgarh to South Tamilnadu along S-E coast of India.
At mid-levels (700hpa), a remnant circulation of 91B is seen over Central Chatisgarh, W Odisha and its trough dipping South upto S Kerala, S Tamilnadu.

During next 36hrs, a low-level circulation will pop over Bihar, N Bengal and the trough will drift East into Bay. Same as this the mid-level trough is also expected to drift East into Bay on evening of 11-May. At mid-level, an anti-cyclone will set in over N-central Peninsula.

From 12/13-May, a low-level perfect N-S trough will get established dropping from N Bengal to S Tamilnadu.

Today, before midnight::
Scattered Heavy rain expected over Odisha, N-E Andhra and S,central Chatisgarh.
Some T showers may spill into S,S-W Bengal as well.
Afternoon, evening - T showers will be back over W-ghats of Kerala and S,central Karnataka.
T showers also expected over N,N-E Tamilnadu and into S,S-E Karnataka.

Towards early morning, Showers also expected over S Kerala coast and S tip Tamilnadu coast.
Tomorrow(11-May) again, more T showers expected over W-ghats of Kerala and over S tip, S-W,W-ghats of Tamilnadu as well.

Aftermath of 91B ::
Total rainfall map from 2-May to 8-May tells the story...
Here's a total rainfall stats of What Tamilnadu got from 91B. (compiled by Weather of Kolkata )

#chennai - 10:55am, Getting #hot again. Up to 40C expected next #week