Thursday, January 10, 2013

Synoptic Situation as on Thursday 10th:
High pressure in Arabian Sea moves NE and a ridge is situated along the Konkan coast...Friday, 11th, the High may move Eastwards...
J-2 (WD), now over Afghanistan and Northern most Pakistan, can move into Kashmir by next 24 hrs...should precipitate rain/snow in Kashmir from 11th Night/12th Morning.
Due to the prevailing High, over Central Peninsula (on Satursday), J-2 moves away NE by Sunday. 

J-3 is approaching fast, and seems in good strength as of now. Tuesday 15th, we see the rain commencing in Lower Sindh..with Karachi expecting rains maybe light, on 15th..The system moves into India, and rains traverse into Upper Sindh and Rajasthan on 15th and 16th.
Delhi NCR getting cloudy on 14th or 15th, with light rainfall on 15th and 16th.

Meanwhile, the NEM withdraws from the South on Sunday, 13th.Chennai night temperatures drop on Sunday/Monday morning.
if interested, city forecasts on vagaries..
3:30pm, Gulf Mannar is active, mild showers seen along S.Tamilnadu coast ... 
Tamilnadu chief minister announces mega water projects ...
A moderate W.D will reach N,N-W India by morning of 12-Jan ... >> and expected to persist for 36hrs.
Most of the moisture has left S.Tamilnadu .. 

DRY winds from N-W India has started reaching South peninsula upto N.Tamilnadu ...

These dry winds from N-W will push away ALL the moisture present over S.Tamilnadu in next 12 hrs.

From tonight, almost NO rain forecast for entire South Peninsula for next 7 days.

Till 8:30am today, lowest maximum  temperature of 8.3°C was recorded at Moradabad
(Uttar Pradesh)

As expected the max. temp over N,N-W India is slowly on the rise.. Delhi = 20.9 C, Amristar = 11 C, Chandigarh = 19.1 C, Dharamsala = 14.8 C

During the next 3 days due to W.D, the day temp. over N,N-W,central India will be on higher side ...

But the COLD wave over E,N-E India will continue till 12-Jan.