Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chennai - Very less rain expected till 4-Sep and it'll be very windy at times.
Chennai - This strong S-W wind to get even more strong and continue till 4-Sep... according to IMD GFS model.
Chennai - this is the present wind pattern over Chennai .. upto a height of 3km...
Chennai - This is due to strong S-W wind from ground to 3 km height... this'll not allow strong Sea breeze to set in and a T.cell to form.
Chennai - expected to get heavy T.showers on today and Yesterday... but nothing came up. .. Why ??
Nagercoil - a sharp shower swept across at around 7:10pm
As fresh monsoon wave sets in over S.Arabian sea, Heavy widespread rain forecast for entire S-W peninsula for next 72hrs.
Gujarat circulation has moved into N.Arabian sea...
Today's analysis show, the established cross equatorial winds over S. Arabian sea..
6:30pm, Heavy rain has started over coastal Karnataka and entire Kerala due to fresh wave of S-W monsoon current..
6:30pm, Heavy rain over N.Karnataka, Central and E.Maharastra...
6:30pm, Heavy showers over W,S-E Rajasthan and into central, S.central Pakistan ...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Heavy widespread rain coming up for Karnataka coast, Kerala coast and S.Tip Tamilnadu ... for next 3 days
RT @newindianxpress: 'Red rain' in Kerala again?
Chennai - medium cloud formation seen over West of chennai.. no threat for Rain yet !
Chennai - All thru the day had Good strong breeze from S-W... and now 8:52pm it's from South. Very less cloud formation seen.
Chennai - No sea breeze yet .. 2:05pm
11am, Heavy showers for S.Chatisgarh, S.Orissa, Kerala, Karnataka coast and over S.Tip Tamilnadu ..
Heavy showers for entire Maharastra coast, Kerala coast and very heavy showers for Karnataka coast for another 3 days.
The present N-W Bay LOW will move W-N-W .. heavy rain coming up for E.Maharastra, S.Madhyapradesh in coming 3 days
As the N-W Bay low moves inland .. heavy T.showers possible along Orissa, entire andhra coast and N.Tamilnadu in 24hrs.
Vertical velocity is very high along entire Andhra coast and N.Tamilnadu coast.. Heavy T.showers possible in another 6 hrs
Chennai - a warm and partly cloudy day so far... temp max was 32.4 C at 11:30pm
Nagercoil - A super shower just now 11:36pm
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.50am, After overnight showers, it is sunny with passing clouds. No rain so far today.
Nagercoil - Intermittent sharp showers from W-S-W continue even now 11:24pm

Monday, August 29, 2011

Chennai - 90% chance that city Will have Afternoon T.shower tomorrow, 30-Aug.
Nagercoil - Entire Kanyakumari district got less showers than average during this Monsoon season.
Nagercoil - medium intermittent S-W monsoon showers from early morning and now 10:23pm also continues.
Afternoon T.showers for Andhra coast, N. Tamilnadu and Chennai to continue well into 1st week of September.
In 24 hrs... Heavy afternoon showers possible for Entire Andhra coast and N.Tamilnadu coast (including Chennai ) ...
In 24hrs, Heavy rain possible for Entire Gujarat, N-W Maharastra, entire Maharastra coast, Orissa and ANdhra coast..
9pm, Heavy showers continue over N-W,E Maharastra, Entire Gujarat, CHatisgarh, Orissa ...
In 12hrs there'll be a Twin circulation.. One over Orissa coast and another over N-W Maharastra, S-E Gujarat..
Today a strong circulation is along Orissa coast and N-W Bay..
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 11.50am Wet spell continues.. cloudy sky with intermittent showers-a pic
RT @shanpati: Wonderful rains in Mumbai since 2.30 pm but weather getng really scary. . Looks like another massive downpour on its way.


Sat image shows dense clouds over mumbai.2.30 noon, My barometer shows 992 means heavy to very heavy rains in next 24 hrs.
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2.30 noon monday sat image shows dark cloud cover near mumbai. My barometer has fallen to 992 , forecast heavy to very heavy rains
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tulshi in Maharashtra near Mumbai records 566 mm in 24 hrs

In 24hrs, Tulshi lake near Mumbai in Maharashtra has recorded 566 mm rainfall which is the highest till date for any place in India this year.

With this 566 mm rainfall, Tulshi seasonal rainfall from 1st June has gone up to 3760 mm. And the water level is now 100% to full level.
Tulsi lake , one of Mumbai's water supply lake, receives 566 mms in last 24 hrs. Dhamni 284 mms and Mumbai Airport 220 mms.
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia SS Dam likely to overflow
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.45am, Dark cloudy sky with intermittent showers. It appears heading for a wet day.
RT @shrenit10: Right now its almost a cloudburst in Mumbai. @weatherofindia

India Major Cities (Population above 2 million) 2011 yearly Rainfall till 27.08.2011

Rainfall in cm year total

  1. Mumbai – 237
  2. Kolkata – 122
  3. Lucknow – 95
  4. Bangalore – 83
  5. Surat – 79
  6. Chennai – 70
  7. Nagpur – 67
  8. Ahmedabad – 62
  9. Pune – 55
  10. Jaipur – 50
  11. Delhi – 48
  12. Hyderabad – 47

Chennai NEM is yet to begin. Will it catch second place at the year end?

Kollur crosses 6000 mm and manages to lead SWM toppers till 27.08.2011

The race to be the wettest place in India during SWM 2011 is hotting up and we have only one month to go. September which is considered to be the least wettest during SWM has always thrown surprises. There are only few contenders to take the top spot, one of the surprise entrant is Kollur in Karnataka, which has managed to cross 6000 mm in August itself.

The break up of Kollur Rainfall are as follows -
  1. 1000 mm - 15 days
  2. 2000 mm - 28 days (13 days for the 1000 mm)
  3. 3000 mm - 36 days (8 days for the 1000 mm)
  4. 4000 mm - 48 days (12 days for the 1000 mm)
  5. 5000 mm - 65 days (17 days for the 1000 mm)
  6. 6000 mm - 88 days (23 days for the 1000 mm)
(All India SWM toppers from 01.06.2011 to 27.08.2011 (88 days)

Rainfall in mm's (Min 3500 mm)
  1. Kollur (Karnataka) - 6022
  2. Agumbe (Karnataka) - 5879
  3. Sangameshwar (Maharashtra) - 5772
  4. Gaganbawada (Maharashtra) - 5267
  5. Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) - 5184
  6. Mulshi (Maharashtra) - 4810
  7. Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) - 4529
  8. Bhira (Maharashtra) - 4392
  9. Kadra (Karnataka) - 4326
  10. Radhanagri (Maharashtra) - 4268
  11. Siddapura (Karnataka) - 4137
  12. Gerosoppa (Karnataka) - 4092
  13. Gorkhana (Karnataka) - 3981
  14. Koyna (Maharashtra) - 3959
  15. Rajapur (Maharashtra) - 3947
  16. Mandangad (Maharashtra) - 3830
  17. Chinnakallar (Tamil Nadu) - 3792
  18. Lanja (Maharashtra) - 3754
  19. Ratnagiri (Maharashtra) - 3753
  20. Tillari (Maharashtra) - 3733
  21. Kanakavali (Maharashtra) - 3724
  22. Valpoi (Goa) - 3713
  23. Lonavala (Maharashtra) - 3691
  24. Karkala (Karnataka) - 3690
  25. Bhagamandala (Karnataka) - 3674
  26. Quepem (Goa) - 3615
  27. Chiplun (Maharashtra) - 3500
Places such as Tamini, Hulikal, Nilkund, Mawsynarm, Amboli and Castle Rock would have also made above 3500 mm list.

For more stats visit :

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chennai - 6:53pm, Just now a sharp shower started over Pallavaram zone.
2pm, As COLA model suggested heavy rains for N.coastal and N-W Maharastra (including Mumbai) ... ..
2pm, As the N-W Bay LOW marches inland... heavy rain over Orissa, S,S-E MP, Chatisgarh and E.Maharastra..
Chennai - Airport records 4cm during Midnight T.storm.. More T.showers expected today as well !!
RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia Amazing n heavy down pour in Mumbai since early morning. (12:52pm)
RT @shrenit10: Heavy rains has returned in Mumbai and forecast is for rains to get even more heavier and stay till tuesday. @weatherofindia


Sharp showers cool mumbai. Sat map saturday 5 am
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Chennai - a mini cloud burst happening now 12am over polichalur. Really massive!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Chennai - super heavy rain with gusts now 11:45pm over polichalur. Pammal zone. More on way!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chennai - sharp showers now 11:32pm over polichalur zone
RT @1prad: @weatherofindia heavy thunderstorm and rain in breeze. (6:37pm)
Entire S-W peninsula will start to get widespread Heavy rain from 28-Aug.. which Kerala as well ...
On 28-Aug, Present UAC will be over Chatisgarh and E.Maharastra .. Fresh HEAVY rain possible in 24 to 48 hrs..
Today a fresh and strong UAC popped up over N-W Bay along Orissa coast. it'll stay there for 24hrs and then move West.
Chennai - Yesterday's heavy rain from Radar's view point .. "Rainfall accumulation 24 hrs" ...
Chennai - is fully cloudy now 6:03pm, Good sea breeze now from East... a T.cell visible over South of Chennai
RT @thesvt: @weatherofindia Today mumbai got fairly heavy rain & forecast is for rain to get even more heavier from sunday onwards.
V.Velocity is very high over N,N-W Maharastra, S,S-W Madhyapradesh.. Very heavy rain possible in next 24hrs..
@nravs >> Vertical velocity along Entire Andhra coast and Orissa is high... heavy T.showers possible along this zone in next 12 hrs.
@nravs >> Chennai - High vertical velocity is seen along S.coastal Andhra and N.Tamilnadu coast.. so conditions are perfect for T.shower
Chennai - Records a max temp. of 34.0 C (1:32pm), a stiff Sea breeze from S-E now 3:49pm.. already we have T.cell over North 35km frm center
Hurricane Irene Could Become Category 4 by Today.. and here's the latest IR sat shot ... Looks massive ...
Chennai - COLA model predicts more heavy showers till 27-Aug and after 2 day break it'll start again from 31-Aug..
Chennai - Nungambakkam records 156mm till 8:30am of 25-Aug-2011
Chennai needs just 6 mm more to break the 117 year record and it has 5 more days to go ..
Record breaking Chennai Rain till 8:30am, 25-Aug-2011 ... Must read ...
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 10.05am, Overnight showers and it is fully overcast sky but no rain as of now today.

Records breaking Heavy rains in Chennai in August 2011

Heavy rains lashed the city late in the evening on Wednesday and went on to mid night. The lack of usable storm water drains was felt keenly, as many places were flooded. As much as two to three feet of water was seen on most of the roads. The intensity of the rain sometimes was more than 100 mm/hr.

Records Broken
The all-time record for 24hrs rainfall in August till yesterday for Chennai was 100.3 mm recorded on 20.08.2008. Yesterday (25.08.2011) rainfall at Chennai was 156.2 mm.

The all-time record for Monthly in August for Chennai is 336.3 mm recorded 117 years ago during the year 1894. Till yesterday (25.08.2011) the monthly rainfall at Chennai was 329.7 mm. Chennai needs just 6 mm more to break the 117 year record and it has 5 more days to go. I personally think the record will be broken.

Rainfall ending 8.30 am at 25.08.2011 (Places in and around Chennai)

Chennai (Nungabakkam) – 156 mm
Korattur - 105
Chembarabakkam - 60
Kadambathur – 60
Arakkonam – 38
Red Hills - 27
Poondi – 21
Cholavaram - 21
Chennai Airport (Meenambakkam) – 16
Ennore – 14
Gummidipoondi – 14
Tamaraipakkam - 10
Madhavaram – 7
Poondi – 9
Ellapuram – 8
Katpadi – 7
Madhavaram – 5

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chennai - from 8:30pm till now 11:35pm violent thunder storms still roaming in and around city. Still having lightning and thunder !
Chennai - after the sea breeze got cut just after the 1st round, a strong t.shower moved in from s-w.
Chennai - Heavy rain started just now 9:12pm in Pallavaram zone
RT @spica_shylu: Lightning streaks illuminating Chennai's deep and dark horizons..likely to rain any minute now...
Chennai - 1st round of T.showers over city center has moved away into Sea. Now 8:28pm a super T.shower is over Sriperampudur and moving East
Chennai - Sea breeze has stopped so the present showers will Die where-ever they are !!

Overall rain deficit stays at one per cent

The continuing lean patch in Orissa and interior peninsula has brought central India back under a ‘token' rain deficit of one per cent.
The overall deficit for the country as a whole too has been maintained at one per cent over the past week or so.


On Tuesday, India Meteorological Department (IMD) said that the land-based monsoon trough would remain near to its normal position over the next two or three days.
The US National Centres for Environmental Prediction saw the possibility of rain flare-ups over west-central India as also east-central India during the week starting Tuesday.
Widespread rains have been forecast along the west coast as well during this period.
Meanwhile, the 24 hours ending Tuesday morning have witnessed widespread rainfall over Uttarakhand, Konkan, Goa, coastal Karnataka and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


It was fairly widespread over the eastern parts with Bihar, sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim, the Northeastern States and Rayalaseema, along with Kerala in the southwest, accounting for the most.
The rains were scattered over Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, east Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gangetic West Bengal, coastal Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu and isolated over Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, west Madhya Pradesh and Orissa.
A weather warning issued by the IMD and valid for the next two days said that isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall would batter Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.


On Wednesday, it would be isolated heavy over Bihar, sub-Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Meanwhile, east Rajasthan and west Madhya Pradesh are expected to witness escalated rainfall activity from Wednesday, the IMD said. This is more or less is in agreement with the US agency's forecast.
A short-term outlook until Friday spoke about the possibility of fairly widespread rain or thundershowers over central and east India, the Northeastern States, Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and along the west coast.
A longer term outlook valid until Sunday said that fairly widespread rain or thundershowers would occur over many parts of the country outside west Rajasthan and south interior peninsular India where it may be isolated
RT @moponin: "Avoid plastic bags" - Carry your own bag and say NO to plastic bags, we are sure that this has to be said in Anna Hazare's way
RT @grajagrajagraja: @weatherofindia
rain in chindatripet egmore in chennai (7:06pm)
Chennai - another T.shower has formed just E.of Poonamalle and moving East towards S-W suburbs of Chennai
Chennai - 6:48pm, a Heavy shower has broken out over Chennai city .. it's localized so far and slowly moving E-N-E towards sea
RT @vikramgee: Its raining cats and dogs in nungambakkam and not a drop in nandanam...just 3km away...that's chennai for u!
RT @drjagadesh: @weatherofindia it started raining in Chetpet chennai ..
RT @rajugana: Baroda 5.30pm, Massive thunderstorm crossing with heavy rain at the moment a pic
Expanding the foursquare Specials platform ...
Chennai - Sea breeze is present but not that strong now 5:46pm
Chennai - Today as well T. showers expected, we had GOOD cloud formation till 3pm. Temp max was 34.6 C (2:01pm)
Afternoon showers for Andhra and N.Tamilnadu coast to continue till 31-Aug... may peak around 31-Aug ...
After 24hrs, heavy showers for entire S-W peninsula to start again from 30-Aug.
After 24hrs, showers over N-W India and S-W peninsula may take a break for 2 to 3 days.
Heavy showers for N-W Maharastra, S-E Gujarat, N.Maharastra coast to continue even till 31-Aug
Around 28/29-Aug, a strong circulation is expected over Central India.
Monsoon LOW over N-W India and Central Pakistan is showing signs of weakening ... this is expected around August end.
Monsoon is likely to remain active over parts of northwest India during next 24 hours, over central
India and west coast for next 2­-3 days
Today a circulation can be seen over N-W Bay along N.Orissa ..
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 10.05am, Dark and fully overcast sky, but no rain so far today.


India satelite map 24 aug 1 am
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The central India monsoon trough will produce a strong circulation over Central Madhyapradesh on 28-Aug ...
North Bay has produced a fresh Circulation and it'll move West in coming 3 days...
Chennai - The sharp shower now 4:52pm is drifting South along Western extremes of Chennai
Chennai - a sharp shower is now 4:04pm is approaching W-N-W suburbs.
Chennai - Good sea breeze now 2:02pm, Cloud formation has started over W,N-W Chennai... today as well T.showers possible towards evening
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 1.54pm, Dark clouds from NE & Sudden steady downpour.. a pic

Monday, August 22, 2011


India satelite map
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For next 2 days Monsoon rain will be of low intensity all over India... before a strong UAC expected over S.Madyapradesh on 25-Aug
RT @knowsnotmuch: @weatherofindia light rain at Besant Nagar for quite some time now. (4:44pm)
Chennai - a sharp shower is sweeping across OMR and ECR ... we need confirmation on that !
@aditya_ug >> Very less showers forecast for entire S-W peninsula (including Goa) for next 5 days !!
RT @aditya_ug: @weatherofindia Hasn't rained today in Goa. Sun is out. What's the situation for this week? Need to know urgently.
Today, lots of circulations seen.. N.Andhra, N-W Maharastra, E. Madhyapradesh, N.Bay ...
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.40am, After a wet weekend, Dark passing clouds with sunny intervals, no rain since morning.
Chennai - 1:36pm, Good sea breeze now from S-E... and we have T.cell near W-S-W of Mahabalipuram.
Chennai - a warm and humid day so far 1:34pm, Temp. max touched 34.0 C (12:41pm). Today also HEavy T.shower expected before 6pm

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chennai - Heavy cloud formation can be seen N-W at around 100 km from center... Showers possible after 12am as Sea breeze is still strong !
10:30pm, Heavy showers along Coastal Karnataka, N,central Kerala, N,N-W Gujarat ..
Second Time in 3 days Chennai gets battered by heavy rains ...
Showers all over India will remain on lower side on 23,24-Aug
In 24hrs, Heavy rain for S.Andhra, N.Tamilnadu, Coastal Karnataka, N.Andhra, N.Karnataka..
A fresh LOW over N,N-W Bay is expected on 25/26-Aug...
RT @ranganaathan: @weatherofindia Chennai weather is pleasant, cloudy looks like rains in the evening >> Yes, expected after 7pm
Present circulation over N.Andhra will slightly move North into E.Maharastra and stay there till 23-Aug... Heavy rain forecast in these zone
RT @shanpati: overcast day here in Mumbai. No rains. Great weather so far.. Time to go to Bandra for the procession to support anna
Today a good circulation is over N.Andhra and N.Karnataka, another weak one is over E.central Rajasthan ..


Satelite map shows monsoon slack over india except small blob in gujrat and heavy clouds over south india
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RT @rajugana: Baroda 11.00am, Cloudy sky with drizzling..a pic of swelling Viswamitri river criss crossing the city


Blue sky peeps out inbetween white clouds in mumbai, dry phase some showers
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Second Time in 3 days Chennai gets battered by heavy rains

Rainfall in 8.30 am in and around Chennai in mm

Madhavaram – 76
Chennai - Nungambkkam – 72
Ellapuram – 71
Kadambathur – 64
Chenni Airport - Meenambakkam – 58
Ennore – 56
Poondi – 56
Gummidipoondi – 49
Neyveli – 42
Arakonnam – 38
Kallakkurichi - 25
Katpadi – 22
Chennai - super thunder shower now 2:18am over polichalur. Pallavaram zone

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chennai - 9:21pm, a T.shower has formed 70km S-W of Chennai and it's moving E-N-E. High possibility of Rain around 11pm
6pm, Heavy showers over N.Karnataka, N,N-W Andhra, central Maharastra, Gujarat, W. Madhyapradesh, S.central Rajasthan.
Monsoon active over Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, west Madhya Pradesh, Marathawada, Telangana and coastal Karnataka
Monsoon remained vigorous over coastal Andhra Pradesh and north interior Karnataka
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 4.00pm, One of the heaviest downpour of the season. water, water everywhere a pic
RT @rajugana: Baroda 2.00pm, Cloudy and raining since morning. Right now, torrential downpour big big drops a pic

The living bridges of Cherrapunji

In an remote corner of Northeast India lives an indigenous tribal people who have been mostly left alone until the past hundred years. Without the amenities of modern technology or engineering, the War-Khasi people have designed an absolutely ingenious way to cross rivers and gulches; manipulating living tree roots to form natural bridges.

The Ficus elastica is a type of rubber tree native to the region. In addition to their massive size and manipulability, the trees have a secondary root system that is essential to the construction of the bridges. They grow out from higher up in the trunk due to their tendency to live above water sources and dip far down into the rivers. Hundreds of years ago, the Khasi people realized the potential benefit of these roots and began to shape them to their advantage.

By taking the trunks of betel nut trees, hollowing them out and cutting in them in half, the tribespeople show the roots where they want them to grow. As the roots slowly grow in search of water, their path continues down the inside of the betel trunk, across the length of the river or ravine. One they arrive at their destination, they’re allowed to dig into the soil and grow strong, and do they ever grow strong.

After about 10-15 years of traveling across the river, the root bridges can eventually hold over 5,000 pounds of weight. Some of them are up to 100 feet in length and the oldest of the bunch is believed to have been constructed around the 16th century.

In recent years, the Khasis actually wanted to get with the times and tear down the bridges to make way for steel ones. It wasn’t until a local resort owner stepped in and realized the worth of these ancient marvels. He convinced them to keep them up and began to photograph them to show the bridges off to the world. Some of them are absolutely stunning, but most magnificent of them all is the Umshiang Double-Decker, shown below.

The Khasis even recently started to grow another bridge,

Courtesy: Atlas Obscura and Tree Hugger.

Friday, August 19, 2011

MJO wave seen fuelling next rain wave ...
Chennai - 8:11pm, Sea breeze is strong .. cloud formation has started over N-W
SW Monsoon :: "Tamilnadu is considered to be in the rain shadow region" ...

MJO wave seen fuelling next rain wave

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has picked early signs of a rain-friendly Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) wave evolving in the Indian Ocean.
MJO waves periodically travel in the upper atmosphere from west to east in alternating wet and dry phases and have corresponding impact on weather over ground falling under its footprint.
The BoM also said that the monsoon trough has re-established itself across India and Southeast Asia, with renewed convection in the northern Indian Ocean.


Most climate models suggest that an MJO event will continue to develop in the Indian Ocean over the coming week or two but with little or no eastward movement expected.
So there would be an increased chance of enhanced, dry south-easterly winds returning to northern Australia and hence increasing fire danger, the BoM said.
Back home, the overall seasonal rain deficit as on Thursday remained at one per cent with major gains having been made in northwest and east India.
The northwest saw the rain surplus growing to eight per cent, while in the east the deficit has been drastically reduced to as much.


Central India was exactly neutral while the south featured a one per cent deficit, which, in itself, is an improvement over the past week.
Going forward, India Meteorological Department (IMD) saw fresh rains materialising over the west coast, central India and adjoining peninsular India apparently being fuelled by the MJO wave.
Helpful upper air cyclonic circulations were spotted over northwest Bay of Bengal and west Uttar Pradesh on Thursday afternoon.
Scattered rain or thundershowers has been forecast over central and adjoining peninsular India on Friday that would scale up thereafter.


A weather warning valid for the next two days said that isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur over Orissa, coastal Karnataka and Kerala.
It would be isolated heavy over east Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, and Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura on Friday

SW Monsoon :: "Tamilnadu is considered to be in the rain shadow region"

As on date [13.08.2011] TN & PDY sub division received an actual rainfall of 128.2mm against NORMAL rainfall of 146.4mm for the period 01.06.2011 to 13.08.2011 which is [-]12%. In IMD term [-]19 to [+]19 percentage is considered as normal. (How and why I do not know. The rainfall during this period can definitely be termed as SWM rainfall, since rain bringing clouds will be moving from W to E.
During any SWM period TN & PDY rainfall average will be between 36.2 cm to 42.0 cm. [Courtesy:UKMET, & IITM Pune]
Except to south eastern most coastal regions -like Thoothukudi & parts of Tirunelveli & parts of Kanyakumari districts- rainfall distribution at any given week during SWM will be ISOLATED to occasional FAIRLY WIDE-SPREADS. One can infer it from daily rainfall graph uploaded in the web. So the convective action bringing rainfall during June to Sept may be termed as SWM rainfall, even though TN is considered to be in the rain shadow region.

- Kaneyen 
Dam Levels in Tamil Nadu as on 15.08.2011 ...
Rainfall Toppers in Tamil Nadu from 1.6.2011 to 18.8.2011 ...
Chennai - yesterday rainfall 7cm
Rain for himalayan foot hills will resume fron 24/25-Aug... meanwhile heavy rain forecast for Coastal, N, N-E Andhra till 25-Aug.
Rain will dry up over Himalayan foot hills, E.central and even N-E states from 20-Aug
In next 24hrs, Heavy rain for S.Maharastra coast, entire coast Karnataka, N.Kerala, coastal Andhra and Chatisgarh..
Chennai - Today also heavy showers possible after 6pm, But NO sea breeze yet 4:23pm...
RT @rajugana: Baroda 9.50am, After 2 days break, it appears heading for a wet spell.Cloudy sky and raining now a pic


Monsoon clouds gather near mumbai . Sat image at 5.30 am
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Mumbai. Weather

Rains returning to mumbai
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

RT @samyuvi046: @weatherofindia now here(ramapuram) thula rain stopped (8:43pm)
Chennai - 8:38pm, Wind direction has changed to S-W. Now the rain system is dying over central Chennai.
RT @samyuvi046: @weatherofindia now raining little bit here@ ramapuram
RT @samyuvi046: @weatherofindia now raining in ramapuram, nesapakkam nd guindy to porur way :-)
RT @rams_j: @weatherofindia @LawyerSundar i am in chamiers road, raining here
RT @mehtajiger: Raining heavily @Chennai traffic on Nungambakkam standstill. But loving the Rain. Chennai
RT @aaroo4: Whoa.. Its pouring like crazy.. Not seen this kinda rains in long chennai (8:08pm)
Chennai - Massive shower now 8:06pm is sweeping into Chennai city from N-W ...
RT @drjagadesh: @weatherofindia its rainin in chetpet chennai (8:01pm)

Rainfall Toppers in Tamil Nadu from 1.6.2011 to 18.8.2011

Rainfall in mm (min 500 mm)

1. Chinnakallar (Coimbatore) - 3488
2. Devala (Nilgiris) - 2508
3. Sholayar (Coimbatore) - 2037
4. Valparai (Coimbatore) - 1982
5. Parsons Valley (Nilgiris) - 1611
6. Naduvattam (Nilgiris) - 1498
7. Upper Bhavani (Nilgris) - 1465
8. Porthimund (Nilgiris) - 1393
9. Periyar Dam (Theni) - 1086
10. Glenmorgan (Nilgiris) - 922
11. Emerland (Nilgiris) - 898
12. Upper Kodayar (Kanyakumari) - 784
13. Pykara (Nilgiris) - 730
14. Lower Kodayar (Kanyakumari) - 666
15. Mukurthy (Nilgris) - 531
16. Eravangalar (Theni) - 511

For more stats visit

7pm, Heavy widespread showers over N.Andhra, S.Chatisgarh and entire coastal Maharastra and isolated overS.Jharkand..
Chennai - 7:05pm, A sharp shower may brush Northern suburbs of Chennai in another 10 min
Chennai - 6:08pm, sharp showers over Chromepet to Camp road connection road.
Today, 1 hr back a T.shower originated South of Chengelpet (Tamilnadu) and then moved East (unlike past 3 days) ..and now it's over Sea.
RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia Raining in Mumbai since 4.00pm... Skys are still over cast!
Heavy and scattered afternoon T.showers to continue for S.Andhra coast, N.Tamilnadu coast till 24-Aug and beyond..
Showers over E.central India will dry off from 20-Aug.
Heavy showers along Karnataka coast, N.Tamilnadu, N.TN coast, S.Andhra coast to continue for another 48 hrs ..
A good circulation is expected to pop over E.Madhyapradesh in 24hrs... expected to move W-N-W and produce fresh rains.
A weak circulation can also be seen over central Uttarpradesh ..
Today a weak circulation can be seen over N.Tamilnadu and along S. Andhra coast ... Heavy rain possible in this zone..
Chennai - Surprise .. a thunder cell has formed over Sea just off coast 3:41pm, Sea breeze has set in and having good cloud formation.
Chennai - take a look at yesterday's strong T.shower which traveled all along West suburbs ..
Chennai - for the past 3 days.. T.showers developed and drifted SOUTH and never crossed into Sea.
Chennai - a HOT & HUMID day so far 1:26pm, NO sea breeze yet !! Today as well T.showers expected towards evening.
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.50am, No rain yestday. It is sunny and humid with partly cloudy sky..looking for next wet spell...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All India SWM Rainfall from 01.06.2011 to 14.08.2011 (75 days) ...
Dam Levels in Tamil Nadu as on 15.08.2011 ...
Monsoon friendly La Nina conditions has been predicted to return to the equatorial east Pacific. !!

Rain deficit cut to 2%; fresh spell forecast

An ongoing heavy spell in north-west and East India has cut back the rain deficit for the country as a whole to two per cent on Tuesday.

The deficit had reached six per cent after July ended up in the red to the extent of 14 per cent.
Monsoon flows have since bounced back smartly, bringing in back-up showers first in central India before cutting loose over west and north-west India.

The deficit in Gujarat, the worst affected after the monsoon played truant in the first phase, has since reduced drastically, and so too in central and east-central India.

The position is still weak over east and northeast India, apart from peninsular India. But a fresh spell of rains is expected over the west coast, central and north peninsular over the next week, according to an update from India Meteorological Department (IMD).

Global models too had hinted about this possibility from last week, signalling a flare-up along the south Andhra Pradesh coast, that translate into some rains for Vidarbha and Telengana as well.
If this were to happen, this would make for the best spatially distributed rain profile in the short-to-medium history of monsoons on show.

The IMD said that the interaction between a prevailing monsoon low-pressure area over Haryana and a western disturbance would continue to rain it heavily down over north-west India on Wednesday.
In fact, the “low” had caused the eastern end of the monsoon trough to shift to the foothills of the Himalayas. This is expected to bring heavy rains over east and north-east India over the next two days.
Active monsoon conditions over northwest and east India and freshly forecast rains across the west coast come in the background of friendly La Nina conditions having been predicted to return to the equatorial east Pacific

Chennai - Heavy T.shower is slowly drifting South along S-W, W corridor .. Heavy showers now moving into Tambaram to Chengelpet zone.
Chennai - as suspected Heavy rain is drifting SOUTH and not going to cross Chennai center and cross into Sea as of now 3:06pm
Chennai - 2:40pm, Super Rain now approaching Chennai from W-N-W... Like yesterday the Rains may drift South leaving Chennai center DRY
Chennai - Heavy T.cell over N-W of Chennai at 50km from center is consolidating and NO movement seen. Heavy rain in that zone now 2:02pm
Showers over E.central, Foot hills and N-E states will cease from 21-Aug.
Heavy afternoon rain forecast for Andhra coast, N.Tamilnadu coast including Chennai till 22-Aug.
in 24 to 48hrs, Heavy rain forecast for N.coastal Karnataka, Goa, Foothills of Uttarpradesh, Nepal, Bihar, Sikkim..
Today, Analysis show very high V.velocity along C,N.Tamilnadu coast and central Tamilnadu, E.central India...
12:30pm, Heavy rain all along Himalayan Foot hills of Uttarpradesh, Orissa, Bangladesh, Bihar and N.Bengal ...
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Baroda 10.00am, Torrential downpour battered yestday eve & night, Today, it is sunny and no rain so far.
Chennai - N-W, around 60km from center is already having good T.cells., Today city has a 90% chance of Rain before 6pm.
Chennai - Had a clear day till 12:15pm, and now 1:19pm we have good Sea breeze from East and Cloud formation has started. 34.4 C (12:45pm)
Chennai - for the past 2 days most of the Heavy showers did not cross into Chennai... skirted along W,S-W suburbs.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

North East battered for second consecutive day

Rainfall ending 8.30am on 16.08.2011

CHANGLANG - 236 mm
KOKRAJHAR - 156 mm
DHEMAJI - 155 mm
NONGSTOIN - 145 mm
Chennai - as expected 12pm... sea breeze has set in !! now we have to wait for cloud formation.
Chennai - 11"33am, Today higher chance of a T.shower before 6pm... but as of now NO sea breeze and ZERO cloud formation seen.
35 Dazzling and Fabulous Examples of Rain Photography ...
RT @rajugana: Baroda 9.30am, Passing clouds with passing showers, Heavy downpour few minutes back, it is wet and green everywhere..


India satelite map 5 am. Mumbai quite dry from a week
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone
Huge Storms approaching Chennai. We can expect early morning rains.

Dharmapuri, Namakkal, Krishnagiri and Vellore districts getting battered (Rainfall upto 1.00 am in mm)

Dharmapuri dt
Dharmapuri – 48
Morappur – 41
Karimangalam – 36

Namakkal dt
Erumaipatti - 43
Namakkal - 27
Namagiripet - 27
Kolli hills - 25

Krishnagiri dt
Bargur – 60
Veppanapalli – 34
Krishnagiri – 28
Thalli – 21

Vellore dt
Katpadi – 44
Alangayan – 25

The rains are slowly moving towards chennai. Will it dissipate or gain strength…lets see

Dam Levels in Tamil Nadu as on 15.08.2011

The South west monsoon is a failure in most of the district of Tamil Nadu except Chennai, Tiruvallur, Coimbatore and Nilgiris. The reservoirs which give water supply to Chennai have better storage compared to last year figures. Some big dams in Coimbatore district such as Sholayar, Parambikulam, Upper Aliyar and Thunnakkadavu are full or nearing full capacity. Except 4 districts quoted above, the storage is not looking good. But the good thing is during the past week SWM is getting active in these central and coastal districts wihch has got below normal rains. Before the NEM starts, the storage will improve further.

Click on the image to open in a new page.

Monday, August 15, 2011

All India SWM Rainfall from 01.06.2011 to 15.08.2011

Rainfall in mm's (Min 3500 mm)
  1. Amgaon (Karnataka) - 6059
  2. Kollur (Karnataka) - 5657
  3. Kitwade (Maharashtra) - 5652
  4. Dajipur (Maharashtra) - 5503
  5. Agumbe (Karnataka) - 5432
  6. Sangameshwar (Maharashtra) - 5179
  7. Kanakumbi (Karanataka) - 5093
  8. Gaganbawada (Maharashtra) - 5023
  9. Talacavery (Karnataka) - 4667
  10. Castle Rock (Karnataka) - 4645
  11. Gavali (Karnataka) - 4593
  12. Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) - 4524
  13. Mulshi (Maharashtra) - 4438
  14. Patagon (Maharashtra) - 4432
  15. Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) - 4356
  16. Mulikar (Karnataka) - 4268
  17. Amasebail (Karnataka) - 4192
  18. Kerveshe (Karnataka)- 4147
  19. Lajul (Maharashtra) - 4092
  20. Radhanagri (Maharashtra) - 4038
  21. Kadra (Karnataka) - 4033
  22. Kasari (Maharashtra) - 4003
  23. Albadi (Karnataka) - 3946
  24. Halady (Karnataka) - 3942
  25. Bhira (Maharashtra) - 3940
  26. Malgund (Maharashtra) - 3851
  27. Hardkhala (Maharashtra) - 3847
  28. Chatav (Maharashtra) - 3800 
  29. Siddapura (Karnataka) - 3797
  30. Koyna Dam (Maharashtra) - 3734 
  31. Kedinje (Karnataka) - 3711
  32. Nandivase (Maharashtra) - 3705 
  33. Naladi (Karnataka) - 3700
  34. Soliwade (Maharashtra) - 3679
  35. Gerosoppa (Karnataka) - 3617
  36. Karak (Maharashtra) - 3614
  37. Umgaon (Maharashtra) - 3570
  38. Bhagamandala (Karnataka) - 3524
  39. Rajapur (Maharashtra) - 3514
  40. Gorkhana (Karnataka) - 3533
  41. Valpoi (Goa) - 3520
  42. Ajekar (Karanataka) - 3511
  43. Quepem (Goa) - 3510
  44. Katagal (Karnataka)  - 3501
  45. Dapoli (Maharashtra) ~ 3500 
  46. Ratnagiri (Maharashtra) ~ 3500
  47. Puttige (Maharashtra) ~ 3500
  48. Pawas (Maharashtra) ~ 3500
  49. Kurdhunda (Maharashtra) ~ 3500
  50. Vaibhavwadi (Maharashtra) ~ 3500
  51. Tillari (Maharashtra) ~ 3500
  52. Kurdhunda (Maharashtra) ~ 3500
  53. Chinnakallar (Tamil Nadu) ~ 3500
  54. Vendse (Karnataka) ~ 3500
  55. Chapoli (Karnataka) ~ 3500
Many other heavy rainfall places which receive rainfall above 4000 mm such as Buxaduar, Matheran, Passighat, Devala and Shirali have got below normal rains so far.

Places such as Tamini, Hulikal, Mawsynarm, would have also made above 3500 mm list.
RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia Calicut- amazing sea breez, cool wind n weather though sky is overcast. .great to be by the clean sea.
RT @akaasi: @weatherofindia heavy rain in Dindigul Palani NH209 . 6:45pm
RT @BalaSN: - Sky of madurai few mins back. heavyrain. @weatherofindia
RT @ranga_chennai: "@akaasi: Intense rain. Very poor visibility. C. Pudur. Madurai"@weatherofindia
RT @1prad: @weatherofindia very heavy rain in madurai........ 6:15pm
Virudhunagar - heavy rain now 6:11pm
Chennai - showers may skip s-w suburb ! Mild shower may brush tambaram zone 4:22am. Heavy rain now over tambaram to chengalpet zone
Chennai - a strong T.shower is now 3:51pm is approaching W-S-W,S-W suburbs from S-W .. going to be a good show !!
RT @kannamoochi: Nice climate in Salem, Clouds covering the city... @weatherofindia (3:34pm)
Chennai - A T.shower is building up over W-S-W and it'll move East in another 30 min
Monsoon along S-W peninsula may get active from 19-Aug.
Afternoon T.showers for N.Tamilnadu, Chennai, S.Andhra to become heavier from 16-Aug till 21-Aug and beyond ..
Heavy and widespread rain forecast for W,N-W Uttarpradesh, N-E Madhyapradesh, Bihar till 19-Aug...
Circulation over N.Madhyapradesh and N-W Uttarpradesh to persist for another 3 days ... VERY heavy widespread rain forecast in that zone.
Today, one circulation is over N. Madhyapradesh and another is persisting over N.Gujarat ...
2pm, Another wet day for N.Gujarat, N-W,S-E Uttarpradesh, Orissa, Chatisgarh and Bihar ...
Chennai - from today T.showers will be in afternoon time rather than after 6pm which happened during June and July.
Chennai - now 12:23pm, an isolated T.cell has formed over S.Chennai ... and it has burst open over Velacherry zone.
Chennai - Sea breeze has set in very early ... and this'll be the trend from today till end of September.
RT @sirajsoft: Thunder and Rain Velachery Chennai (12:16pm)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Very less showers forecast for entire kerala till 18-Aug. !
Chennai - after 3 days of NO rain... Evening showers will start again from tomorrow...
Independence Day, Heavy showers for Gujarat, Goa, Coastal Karnataka, E. MP and S,S-E Uttarpradesh, Orissa, Chatisgarh.,
Vertical velocity over Gujarat is very high .. Heavy showers to continue ..
Circulation over N.Gujarat and S. Rajasthan will extend their stay for another 2 days. !
Today, 2 circulation visible, 1 over E.central Madhyapradesh and another over N.Gujarat ..
5:30pm, Heavy showers again over S,S-W Rajasthan, N. Madhyapradesh, S,S-E Uttarpradesh, Jharkand ..
RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia Calicut - Warm day, humid, loads of sunshine.. . Would prefer to stay indoor! Though going for sm fishing now.
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 7.20am, Non stop rain since yestday night. Now it dark and fully overcast sky with steady rain.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia Passing thrugh Karvar and weather is top notch . . .open blue skys n crisp air! Love the weather here. 8:15am

Friday, August 12, 2011

Today, 2 lows Barmer in the west and Bankura in the east ...
3:30pm, Due to fresh circulation over N.Bay... heavy clouds can be seen ...
In 24hrs some heavy showers possible for Karnataka coast.
Heavy showers coming up for Orissa, Chatisgarh, S.bengal and Jharkand ... in another 48 hrs ...
Afternoon, evening showers for Central, N.Tamilnadu including Chennai to continue till 18-Aug and beyond, with a break possible on 14,15-Aug
RT @rajugana: Baroda 10.03am, Dark clouds & it is raining continously. A pic of nearby pond filled to the brim
Rajasthan UAC still lingers over S.Rajasthan and it'll stay there for another 3 days ..

Fresh ‘low' in east to drive rains to north-west

The land-based and productive low-pressure area over west India has hardly weakened even as a counterpart ‘low' threw itself up fresh over Gangetic West Bengal on Thursday.
This fell in line with the observed pattern of ‘low's materialising over land even as the Bay waters mostly lay in trance right through the season.


India Meteorological Department (IMD) said in an update in the evening that the fore-runner of the ‘low's lay over southwest Rajasthan and adjoining south Pakistan.
It expected the Thursday's follow-up ‘low' over Gangetic West Bengal to become ‘well-marked' on Friday before being gobbled up by passing westerly system.
This is expected to become embedded into the monsoon trough, and global model suggested a west-northwest track for it towards northwest India.
While doing so, the system would be forced to keep within the confines of the corridor to the west-northwest and may not be made to tag the western disturbance to the east.


On its part, the monsoon trough straddled the two ‘low's (located respectively above Barmer in the west and Bankura in the east) and cut a path through Bharatpur, Fursatganj and Hazaribagh before being guided into east-central Bay of Bengal.
The offshore trough continued to run down from the Gujarat coast to the Kerala coast.
A weather warning issued by the IMD and valid for the next two days said that isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall would sustain over Gangetic West Bengal, Jharkhand, north Orissa, north Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and east Madhya Pradesh in east India and Saurashtra and Kutch in the west.
Isolated heavy rainfall has been forecast over the Jammu division of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, coastal Karnataka, Kerala and Lakshadweep as well.


A short-term forecast IMD valid until Sunday said that widespread rain or thundershowers would occur over Gangetic West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa, Saurashtra and Kutch.
It would be fairly widespread over east Gujarat, the North-eastern States, northwest and central India and the remaining parts of east India as well as along the west coast.
Isolated rain or thundershowers may break out over interior parts of peninsular India.
A fresh circulation has blossomed over N.Bay and S. Bengal ... More showers will drive inland from East ..
Chennai - Temp. touched a max of 34.7 C (3:28pm) ... Today also T.showers expected after 6pm.. Till now 4:20pm NO sign of sea breeze
Tamilnadu :: Can convective activity be termed as monsoon rain ?? ...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

@ranganaathan Chennai - yes showers approaching from w-s-w. Will reach in another 1hr. Chances are there for a long drizzle after that!
Chennai - a fresh t.shower has blossomed over s-w of arakonnam which is around 80km west of Chennai center. Moving east.
A super t.shower is now 11:07pm crossing south of chengalpet and approaching mahabalipuram and kalpakkam

Can convective activity be termed as monsoon rain

Many a times it is given to note that during SWM period the cause of rain in Tamilnadu is referred to as convective. It is convective activity due to warm air advection during these rainy days. Most of the time Warm Air Advection [WAA] is inferred from radar products. Moist warm air from WEST after crossing western ghat gives rainfall from WEST to EAST in Tamilnadu. To day [11.08.2011 / 2200 hrs IST] it is evident from satellite imagery and DWR products that moist air is advecting and it may rain at S-SW /NW parts of Villupuram & Puducherry to night.
@shanpati >> Showers along S. kerala is isolated and far between. Enjoy the trip !! If possible report from there. Thanks
@shanpati >> Present Showers along Kerala coast will subside from 12-Aug and some scattered sharp showers will be there till 17-Aug
@shanpati >> Generally showers along entire S-W peninsula coast is on lower side now and it'll stay that way till 17-Aug.
Wet cover hangs heavy over Gujarat, north-west ...
As a NEW circulation has formed over N.Bay and S.Bengal ... more heavy showers likely in this zone from Today.
Showers over Gujarat, S. Rajasthan will linger till Independence day .. at isolated places it'll be very heavy !
Chennai - Having strong sea breeze from S-E .. No good cloud formation yet 4:41pm

Wet cover hangs heavy over Gujarat, north-west

Monsoon has been vigorous over south Rajasthan and adjoining north Gujarat during the 24 hours ending Wednesday morning as a land-based low-pressure area continued to give a good account of itself.
The rain deficit has been retained at four per cent even as India Meteorological Department (IMD) spoke about the possibility of more sustained rains over the region.


According to the US National Centres for Environmental Prediction, the heavy to very heavy wet cover could hang over the region into the third week of August. Konkan (including Mumbai), entire Gujarat and south Rajasthan would likely find themselves at the receiving end of the extended rains, which could even lead to flooding in some areas. Meanwhile on Wednesday, the western end of the monsoon trough lay south of its normal position whereas the eastern end is near its normal position. This would ensure that the monsoon would continue to remain active with the embedded low pressure area and cyclonic circulation through the weekend.


Kalpana-1 satellite cloud picture on Wednesday afternoon showed helpful convective clouds rising over parts of south Rajasthan, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, east Madhya Pradesh, east and northeast India, north Bay of Bengal, north Andaman Sea and northeast and southeast Arabian Sea. The land-based ‘low' was traced to over southwest Rajasthan on Wednesday evening while an upper air cyclonic circulation over Jharkhand and neighbourhood lent its weight to the eastern side to hold the monsoon trough in balance.
Thus the trough passed through the centre of the ‘low in the west, Jhansi, Allahabad, Gaya, Bankura, Digha before dipping into east-central Bay of Bengal. The offshore trough ran down from Gujarat coast but had slightly shifted away from Kerala coast to Lakshadweep area.


A short-term IMD outlook valid until Saturday said that widespread rain or thundershowers would break out over Gujarat, Jharkhand and Gangetic West Bengal. Fairly widespread rain or thundershowers has been forecast over south Rajasthan on Thursday and scattered thereafter.
It would be fairly widespread over the North-eastern States, the remaining parts of east and northwest India and along the west coast. Scattered rain or thundershowers has been forecast over central India and isolated over interior parts of peninsular India. 
In 6 South West monsoons, 44 ships sank off west coast ...
COLA suggests more showers for Coastal Kerala, Coastal Karnataka and Tamilnadu for next 24 hrs ..
Chennai - Today also showers expected after 6:30pm, NO sea breeze yet !!... HOT and HUMID day so far 35.1 C (2:28pm)
Already we have signs of N.Bay fresh circulation meanwhile N-W India UAC is over W. Rajasthan ..
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 1.20pm, Dark clouds from SW and heavy rain now a pic
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.35am, After the wet spell for the past 4 days, sky is clearing, with drizzles at times.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

RT @DRJAGADESH: @weatherofindia its rainin now in chetpet chennai Cool midnight rain 11:44pm
RT @appatuckerr: Don't talk about Rain. Talk about Traffic ! chennai Ugh!
RT @DRJAGADESH: @weatherofindia rain here in chetpet chennai
RT @ManikandSharma: @khaishk heavy rain here in meenambakkam @ranganaathan @weatherofindia
RT @khaishk: @ranganaathan heavy downpour in Annanagar cool gusty winds @weatherofindia
RT @ranganaathan: Steady showers in kodambakkam
Chennai - showers slowly starting over pallavaram zone 6:42pm goin to be long and heavy.
Chennai - Cloud top of present Thunder cell is touching upto 15km ...
Chennai - a real super T.shower is now 6:07pm crossing Poonamalle zone and moving East towards West suburbs of Chennai.. 30km away
Chennai - a super T.shower approaching from west now 5.30pm at 60km from center
Chennai - Today also showers expected after 5:30pm, Good SEA breeze now 3:30pm and Cloud formation has started well !!
2pm, Widespread Heavy showers over Gujarat is easing.. as the UAC still lingers over Rajasthan more showers expected..
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia - continous showers with heavy downpours in between a pic
RT @ihsanpa: rain brings change......view from kerala-"gods own country"
Chennai - Pooh !!.. Another HOT and humid day so far , 35.6 C (12:35pm)
Afternoon showers for N. Tamilnadu coast and S. Andhra coast will continue till 16-Aug and beyond ..
MEanwhile showers over entire S-W peninsula will be of low intensity and scattered till 15-Aug ..
The Rajasthan Circulation will linger over there for another 3 days and move into Pakistan on 14-Aug..
Today, the monsoon trough have 2 circulations embedded, one over Rajasthan and another over Central Bengal ...
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 10.00 am, It is raining heavily since morning.. a pic
Western end of monsoon trough is south of its normal position It would remain active with embedded cyclonic circulation during next 2 days

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

7pm, Heavy widespread showers over Gujarat, S. Rajasthan.. and fresh showers opening up over S.Bengal, Jharkand..
RT @amboos916: Its heavy rain in kerala. but i really enjoying it (7:21pm)
Chennai - A good T.cell with rain can be seen over S-W at around 80km from center... and moving in E-N-E direction
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 1.45pm, Dark clouds from SW with intense downpour.. a pic
Chennai - having a strong Sea breeze now 4:20pm
Chennai - yesterday evening S,S-W Chennai received some good showers... and drizzled till 11:30pm
Chennai - A HOT day so far 35.2 C (1:35pm).. mild breeze from W-N-W and Today also showers expected after 5:30pm.
Afternoon showers along (S-E peninsula) Andhra, N. Tamilnadu (includes Chennai) will continue beyond 15-Aug..
Today, very heavy showers forecast for W.Madhyapradesh, S. Rajasthan, N,Central Gujarat ...
The present circulation over E.Rajasthan will become strong and move very slowly towards West.. It'll move into pakistan on 14/15-Aug
Today the UAC is over E.Rajasthan and the trough extends upto S. Bengal .. Heavy rain forecast in this zone ..
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.45am, Non stop rain since yestday afternoon. Now it's raining heavily.. a pic

Monday, August 08, 2011

Chennai - radar shows long drizzle night ahead for S, S-W parts of Chennai
8pm, Heavy rain as expected over S.Rajasthan, Entire Madhyapradesh, Orissa, S. Bengal ..
Chennai - Massive cloud formation and heavy rain over S-W of chennai at around 60km from center
Chennai - have good sea breeze now 4:25pm and cloud formation has started over W-S-W.. Today again showers expected after 6pm.
RT @jeevannileshwar: Entire Kerala suffers due to heavy rain of past few days.
Scotland wetter than a Mumbai monsoon ?? ...
RT @newindianxpress: Rain wreaks havoc in Kottayam: via @AddThis
RT @rajugana: Baroda 10.00am, Fully overcast sky..slight drizzles at times, but no heavy rains during the weekend. Now it is drizzling.

Call for Papers: International Conference on climate change: Shifting science and changing policy

Liberty Institute, New Delhi and Mumbai University have joined hands to organize an international conference on climate change on October 14, 2011, Mumbai.

Conference Themes

Theme 1: Science of climate change

Theme 2: Extreme weather in the Indian subcontinent

Theme 3: Changing sea level (regional & global)

Theme 4: Monsoon variability and its impact on agriculture

Theme 5: Climate of discourse and India’s policy options

Call for Papers

For young scholars in India (below 35 years) there is an opportunity to participate in this conference. Those interested, are invited to submit a paper, not exceeding 3000 words on any of the themes and related issues, by August 31 2011.

Read more:

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Chennai - now 8:26pm, the Sea breeze has stopped so NO more cloud formation and NO more rain,. some drizzles may linger around for next 1 hr
While the present UAC travels to Rajasthan on 11-Aug and NEW UAC will be born over N.Bay, S. Bengal ..
Meanwhile the present Central India rain will move over S.Rajasthan, W. Madhyapradesh, N.Gujarat, from 9-Aug to 12-Aug.
As expected Showers along entire S-W Peninsula has reduced and it'll stay that way till 12-Aug..
7pm, Massive widespread showers all over Punjab, Central, E.central and N-E states ...
Chennai - Heavy showers now 7:52pm is sweeping Chengalpet to Tambaram zone (Highways)

Pushed past their tipping point, climate alarmism collapses like a deck of cards

The well oiled fear machine of this richly funded criminal conspiracy called global warming has crossed its "tipping point". Malcolm Gladwell, defined the tipping point as "the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point." Tipping point accordingly is similar to what happens if you were to prick an inflated balloon with a needle. As John Costello, a sceptic observed:

"While collective sadomasochism somehow seemed like a romantic idea at the time, it quickly lost its charm as it dropped precipitously out of fashion. Die-hard climate alarmists are shaking their heads in disbelief: how could decades of careful and meticulous brainwashing collapse in a matter of mere months? But their plaintive hand-wringing is itself falling on deaf ears, as their followers desert the sinking ship in droves"

We sceptics can now sit back to sip cold beer to enjoy the tragic comedy each day brings of this collapse. The exponential cataclysm of climate alarmism is so rapid that it has been a strain on us poor bloggers to keep up with the avalanche of its developments. But we try our best to capture the most significant within limits of our resource constraints.

Read more:

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Massive Solar Flare rip through Earth's magnetic Field: Heighten alert for Earthquakes and Volcanoes

100Mev proton burst has been recorded on August 4th, with ongoing high proton flux, along with earth-facing coronal holes.  Solar flares are associated with earthquakes, volcanoes and other disasters. The Leh cloudburst occurred hours after a solar flare. But this one is much bigger. A 1MeV proton burst is a massive burst and Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist and weatherman, has predicted August 8-10  the danger period.
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UK Met Office finally concedes that Global Warming has Paused

This is a significant admission, a game changer of sort as the one of the premier warmist climate centre, the UK Met office concedes that since 1998 there had been no sign of warming. Hence their lame explanation why this is so.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Chennai - Raining here in Polichalur zone ... 10:42pm
RT @ranganaathan: @weatherofindia sudden downpour in T-Nagar, wow feel like its rainy season (10:26pm)
Chennai - Sea breeze is good, 9:08pm... W,N-W,N. Chennai will get a good shower in another 45 min.. around 10pm
Chennai - 9:05pm, a super shower fast approaching Tiruvallur from West , will be there in another 30 min... W-N-W, N-W, N.Chennai get ready!
8:40pm, A super shower is nearing Arakonam town (Tamilnadu) from W-N-W
Tamil Nadu Rainfall Toppers during South west Monsoon 2011 ...
Chennai - @drjagadesh >> a Strong shower is moving towards W,N-W suburbs of chennai .. now 8:25pm is at 80km from center
7pm, Widespread heavy rain all over Central and E.central India ...
Chennai - 8:07pm, Super T.shower over N-W at around 100km from Chennai center... Keeping an eye on it !! Good Sea breeze continues !!
RT @ramanihm: RT @chennaitvnews1: Get rid of plastics and wastage from Chennai- Jaya's next initiative- hope like her rain harvesting
RT @aj_ay_it: @RebelOtter I am 12km away from Munnar in Kerala, surrounded by cardamom, tea and rain. Lots of rain. (6:02pm)
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 7.55pm, Dark cloud formation and sudden downpour in the evening.. a pic
RT @asury: @weatherofindia "very heavy rain in bangalore" (5:38pm)

Breaking: IPCC Climate Scientist's peer reviewed paper invalidates IPCC 2007 report

If Rajendra Pachauri, Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) thought his troubles are over, think again.  Now one of his reviewers in a peer reviewed paper produced results that invalidate the main conclusions of the IPCC 2007 report called the AR4. 
Previous research showing humans are responsible for emissions of CO2 is wrong. Increasing CO2 is not ‘driving the climate bus’ but is very much in the back seat to temperature. Natural processes alter isotopic ratios similar to expected from burning fossil fuels.

From 7-Aug, showers along S-W peninsula will reduce drastically and showers will continue over Central, N.Central India.
Chennai - now 3:11pm, Strong sea breeze has set in ... and now having Good preliminary T.cell formation over S, S-E, N-W
Chennai - Now having some cloud formation from S-W, Wind from S-W and Today again a passing sharp shower possible after 5pm
Chennai - having a Hot day with relatively high humidity now 12:55pm, 34.7 C
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 11.20am, It is cloudy and dark, but no rain so far.

East African Famine: Yet Another example why IPCC model is off the mark

As one climate skeptic blog noted "The count of failed IPCC climate model predictions being wrong is likely unprecedented in the annals of science." The East African famine is just one of the several confirmations of such a conclusion.
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Thursday, August 04, 2011

RT @sirajsoft: Mild Rain and cool breeze in Velachery Chennai (9:47pm)
RT @grajagrajagraja: @weatherofindia rain in chindatripet egmore chennai (9:47pm)
RT @ranganaathan: even in T-Nagar, drizziling . 9:37pm
Chennai - today at last Rain is here over Polichalur, Pammal zone .. 9:37pm
Chennai - now 7:55pm for the past 1hr we have good sea breeze from S-E... Cloud formation can be seen over West at 65km from center

Tamil Nadu Rainfall Toppers during SWM 2011

The two giants have occupied the first two spots clearly shows that in TN, Chinna Kallar and Devala has no fair competitors. Upper Kodayar and Upper Bhavani have got very less compared to is normal rains.

Rainfall in mm from 1.6.2011 to 4.8.2011
  1. Chinnakallar (Coimbatore) - 2817
  2. Devala (Nilgiris) - 2191
  3. Sholayar (Coimbatore) - 1740
  4. Valparai (Coimbatore) - 1573
  5. Parsons Valley (Nilgiris) - 1549
  6. Naduvattam (Nilgiris) - 1314
  7. Upper Bhavani (Nilgris) - 1288
  8. Porthimund (Nilgiris) - 1270
  9. Periyar Dam (Theni) - 953
  10. Emerland (Nilgiris) - 798
  11. Upper Kodayar (Kanyakumari) - 740
  12. Glenmorgan (Nilgiris) - 733
  13. Pykara (Nilgiris) - 621
  14. Lower Kodayar (Kanyakumari) - 592
  15. Tiruvallur - 390
This year, Less showers for Pakistan so far this year !! ??

Rajasthan dries up as rains build over S. India

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) expects the monsoon trough to shift to normal position on Thursday amid an ongoing bout of frequent north to south oscillations.
What should presumably anchor the eastern end of the trough, at present, is a persisting upper air cyclonic circulation over north-west Bay of Bengal.


The axis of the trough on Wednesday evening had already dipped into east-central Bay, around the normal. The offshore trough along the west coast has also been persisting. This combination is sufficient to fuel a rain wave along the west coast and into east, central and adjoining peninsula for the next three days, the IMD said in its outlook.
But western disturbances over Jammu and Kashmir have exited to the east ruling out the possibility of interactive rains in combination with easterlies from the Bay of Bengal. The main casualty would be west Rajasthan, which is forecast to witness mainly dry conditions through the weekend and into early next.


A weather warning issued by the IMD and valid for the next two days said that isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall would break out over Orissa, Konkan, Goa, coastal Karnataka, Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh. Isolated heavy rainfall has also been forecast over Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, east Madhya Pradesh, north coastal Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala.
Fairly widespread rain or thundershowers would occur over Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, east, central and adjoining peninsular India, the North-eastern States and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Scattered rain or thundershowers would occur over remaining parts of the country except west Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu where it may be isolated. A longer term forecast valid until Monday said that fairly widespread rainfall would occur over many parts of the country except parts of northwest and interior peninsular India where it would be isolated to scattered.
Meanwhile, the 24 hours ending Wednesday morning saw widespread rainfall being reported from the west coast, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Sikkim, coastal Andhra Pradesh, interior Karnataka and Lakshadweep.


It was fairly widespread over Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, Meghalaya, east Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Mainly scattered rains were reported from Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, west Madhya Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Rayalaseema, Vidarbha and Madhya Maharashtra and isolated over rest parts of the country except west Rajasthan, the IMD said.