Monday, September 23, 2013

Circulation over E,S-E Gujarat showing no signs of weakening

Latest analysis show the low level circulation is over E,S-E Gujarat and adjoining S-W Madhyapradesh, N-W Maharastra.
The circulation is not showing any sign of weakening... and expected to persist over almost same zone for next 24hrs 

By 25-Sep, morning the circulation is expected to drift into W Gujarat and adjoining S-E Pakistan !
During next 36hrs, the S,S-W,S-E quadrant is expected to be very active with HEAVY rains.

For next 36hrs, More HEAVY and widespread rain ahead for N-W Maharastra, S,S-E,E Gujarat, Surat, Nashik zones.
By Wednesday, the HEAVY showers will move into S-W,W Gujarat as well.
On 24-Sep, scattered rain expected for N,N-E Odisha, Jharkhand and into S,S-W Bengal as well.
During next 36hrs, showers also expected over S,S-E Rajasthan and W,S-W Madhyapradesh as well.
Before early hrs of 23-Sep, moderate rain expected for N-E Tamilnadu, #Chennai, S Karnataka, S Andhra.
HEAVY rain warning for Surat, Nashik, Valsad, Daman and Diu. Alert is also valid for #Mumbai as well for next 36hrs.

3pm, Heavy rain over E,N-E Gujarat

3pm, Due to circulation HEAVY rain over S,S-E,E,N-E Gujarat and into S,central,N-central Rajasthan ... 
3pm, "Rest of India is having LESS rain and lots of Sunshine"...

#HOT at 3pm, #Chennai = 35 C and #Lucknow = 35 C (feels like 43.4 C).

Ahmedabad, Airport has reported "Rain" at 3:10pm.

#Bangalore - 1:24pm, "Clear skies"

#Chennai - 3:48pm, "Deep blue skies" and Sunny. #Hot at 35 C.

Nandura - 3:50pm, "cloudy today but no rain"

Belgaum - 3:56pm, "its sunny from morning but now there was slight drizzle ... for last few days till today morning it rained on and off"