Friday, September 06, 2013

6:30pm, Kasaragod got a good shower

RT @pras_ja: @weatherofindia Raining heavily in Pondicherry.  (7:04pm)

Davangere - 4pm, "Thundershower from past 1 hour.Now its slowing down."

Kasaragod, #Kerala - A good sharp shower lashed around 6:30pm, recorded around 18mm.
Belgaum - 1:41pm, "Sunny weather, looks like May month has returned"

Shahdol, East Madhyapradesh - 4:48pm, "its clear n sunny today"

#Chennai localized mini shower over S-E suburbs, 4:40pm

RT @thisismmk: @weatherofindia #Chennai - 4.40 pm rain lashes velachery 

RT @naveenkumars84: @weatherofindia Once again perfect prediction its raining at Perungudi #Chennai (4:49pm)

5pm, Massive showers seen over N,N-E,central Tamilnadu now ... 

Lucknow #HOT and Rain over Tamilnadu !

At 2:30pm, Lucknow is #HOT at 35 C (feels like 41.9 C)

#Chennai - 2:30pm, #HOT and Humid at 34 C. A weak Low level Sea breeze has set in from East.

After 6pm today, HIGH vertical velocity is expected all along N.Tamilnadu coast, #Chennai, S,central Andhra coast... HEAVY rain expected

#Kolkata - from 11am to 1pm, got heavy T.showers.

2:30pm, lots of showers seen popping over N-central, central Tamilnadu... many more to come.

#Chennai - Today, almost 85% chance of showers expected after 5pm and into midnight !

Wet days (till 12-Sep) ahead for most of S,central Peninsula

Today, the low level N-S trough is seen from Bangladesh to S-W Bay upto N-E Srilanka ...

In 24hrs, a low level circulation is expected over N-N-W Bay and mid level circulation over W Bay east of Chennai .. 

Today, already there's an upper level circulation seen over S-W central Bay embedded in the N-S trough !

2pm, Due to N-S trough and circulation entire W,S-W Bay is active. Rain seen over S,central Kerala, S tip Tamilnadu

2 days, the low level circulation is expected to be along central Andhra coast, while the upper along Tamilnadu coast 

 Rainfall forecast
From today till Monday, scattered rain expected for Tamilnadu coast, N,N-W,W-Ghats Tamilnadu, S,central, coast Andhra and most of Kerala.
During next 3 days, showers may skip S,S-central Tamilnadu... except for kanyakumari district of S Tamilnadu.
#Chennai, N-coast Tamilnadu and S,central coast Andhra can expect a Super Sunday.. Heavy rain alert! 
The upcoming coastal Andhra circulation is expected to revive the S-W coast ... From 8-Sep, Rain for Karnataka coast, Maharastra coast