Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mumbai S'Cruz on Wednesday: 37.5c. Mumbai Colaba today: 35.5c. Vagaries had forecasted a rise for Tues/Wed up tp 36c. Should ease tomorrow (Thursday) as the winds turn North again. 
Ratnagiri on Wednesday : 39.7c ! Pune : 35.1c.

chennai - winds to become South and S-E from tomorrow, day temp. will rise by 1 deg and temp to reach 35 deg from 17/18-Mar
Total DRY and HOT days ahead for 95% of India from 18-Mar !!
Another moderate W.D will enter into Kashmir on 17-Mar..
Showers to continue over S. Tamilnadu, S. kerala till 17-Mar...
A heat wave expected over N-W, W, Central India, N, central Peninsula from 18-Mar..
From 17-Mar, temp. will rise ALL over India .. E, N-E India may be spared ..
The moisture will linger over S. Kerala till 17-Mar... so showers expected ...
Today, the easterlies moisture has moved and now over S. Karnataka, N-W Tamilnadu and Kerala ..
RT @rkglobalmumbai: Cardamom buy on dips as no rain in Kerala from last 3 months.
chennai - had a DRY day yesterday, and today it's BRIGHT and HOT .. max temp was 32.5°C (11:03am) >> this'll rise to 35 deg in coming days
Tuesday and Wednesday..The two hot days predicted for Mumbai.Tuesday was 34c, and now on Wed, 33c at 11 pm ! Heading for 36c it seems !