Saturday, April 25, 2009

Today's (25-Apr-09) Thunder storms

Thunder Showers on 25-Apr-09, over south-east Andhra. Today's huge thunder cell was more near to Chennai. Isolate thunder cells can be seen over south western ghats

IPL09: 25-Apr-09: Durban and Capetown

Latest satellite pic.

Today's matches and weather forecast.

vs in Durban at 4 pm India time.

Partly cloudy with showers and thunder- showers - 30% chance of Rain

vs in Cape Town at 8 pm India time.

cloudy with light rain - 30% chance of rain.

Both the forecasts are not good for matches..

Going by latest weather RADAR from Durban suggests.

Some mild drizzle bearing clouds around... nothing to worry for this match.

Keep your fingers crossed for the next match in Cape Town.

we'll update on this later.

Updated at 9:54 pm India time

Thunder storms of 24-Apr-09 (video)

Thunder cells on 24-Apr-09.
Can be seen over south-central Andhra, North-Western Tamilnadu and all along South western Ghats.
We'll update the RAINfall amounts after 24 hrs.
If anyone in that area can update us, then we'll be very thankful.
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