Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Warning :: Very dense fog (Visibility 50 m or less) would continue to prevail over
many parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar for next 2 days
chennai - going to be another 20 deg C morning... temp. now 9:15pm is 25.6 deg C
chennai - Today morning touched 21.0 C (6:14am).. three more 20 deg C mornings ahead for city !!
COLD waves to continue over N,N-W India from today till 24-Dec.
chennai - DRY day and COLD night expected till 23-Dec.. before some moisture and cloud formations may occur from 24/25-Dec.
As of today, IMD GFS model suggests HEAVY rain for entire Tamilnadu coast on 26-Dec.. and from 28/29-Dec..
As of today, COLA model suggests HEAVY rain for entire Tamilnadu coast on 26/27-Dec..
LOW over S-W Bay and strong easterlies reaching entire Tamilnadu coast can be confirmed based only on 23-Dec models..!!
Today, COLA and IMD GFS predicts a strong LOW / Depression over S-W Bay and Strong easterlies on 26/27-Dec..
Today, Most of the moisture has moved away from S. Tamilnadu.. Next easterlies will enter into S-E Bay from tomorrow. .
Late December and early January Cyclones over Bay :: Will it happen during 2011 or 2012 ...