Monday, December 12, 2011

Latest Sat. shot shows.. heavy activity over Gulf Mannar and fresh T.cells form just above chennai parallel..
GFS models predict that next easterlies are going to be strong and will affect entire Tamilnadu coast.. we have to wait !!
chennai - touched a max of 30.9 C (1:48pm).. and all thru the day it was DRY and with very less cloud formations. Going to be a mild night!
chennai - GFS models forecast that some showers may creep into city on 14,15-Dec.. due to present easterlies..
On 11-Dec, minimum temperature are recorded as 4 deg C or less are : Amritsar, Rohtak, Churu, Narnaul, Jawaidam and Ujjain
Heavy rain forecast for N-E, E. Srilanka till 20-Dec and beyond !
Strong showers possible along Central, S. Tamilnadu coast from 13 to 15-Dec..
A strong Anti-cyclone will form over N. Maharastra on 15-Dec .. and will move slowly to Orissa and stay beyond 18-Dec.
Easterlies are very near to Central Tamilnadu coast and already showers seen over S. coast and Gulf Mannar..
RT @anuragkumarlko: @weatherofindia it is 21 degree centigrade inside my room in Lucknow