Sunday, May 26, 2013

T.showers near #Chennai

RT @ikanalu: Heavy Rain, cyclone, lightning in salem. FYI @weatherofindia (5:50pm)

RT @kmathan: Its Raining here in Chengalpattu @weatherofindia (6:13pm)

RT @naveenkumars84: @weatherofindia For the past 3 hours its raining with thunderstorm at Arani Tamilnadu... (8:19pm)

8:30pm, T.showers seen over S-W,W,central Karnataka, N,N-E Tamilnadu, N,central.Odisha,Chatisgarh, Jharkand..

Chennai - 6:30pm, T.cells visible over S-S-W, W-S-W .. photo of T.cells..

Present showers all along Kerala is expected to continue during next 2 days. It is expected to increase from Wednesday .. #Monsoon

Heavy and Widespread rainfall forecast ALL along #Kerala coast and spill into S-W.Karnataka coast from 29-May ... 

During next 3 day, Pre-monsoon T.showers expected for S,S-W,central Karnataka, N,central Tamilnadu and into Konkan.. 

In next 2 days, one or two T.showers expected for S.Bengal, N,S.Odisha and N-E Andhra.

Till tuesday, showers over N-E states of India will be more focussed over Northern states.

@vinu4875 >> #Bangalore - From today till wednesday evening, it can expect 2 T.showers.

@tdadvait >> it is time for #Mumbai as well to get Pre-Monsoon showers. City is expected to 1 or 2 T.showers before 30 / 31-May

#Chennai - can also expect a T.shower before 30-May. A 2 deg C drop in temperature is expected after 30-May.

@shafianin >> #Delhi .. Only 1 deg C drop in temp. expected during the whole of next week. Temp. will stay around 44 C. Monsoon, only after June end !

RT @debabrata2008: @weatherofindia Thunderstrom in Bhubaneswar now. Temp comes down. (4:07pm)

3:30pm, Heavy rain seen over Kashmir due to W.D and T.showers seen over N.Odisha and Jharkand, N,N-W Bay very active 

3:30pm, T.showers also seen over S.Karnataka, N,N-central Tamilnadu and N,central Kerala  ..

4pm, No T.showers over #Kolkata, but there's almost 80% chance of rain in another 4 hrs. Already T.showers seen popping over S-W.Bengal #IPL

Meanwhile monsoon style rains continue along Kerala coast. Rain stats till 8:30am today, Vadakara = 13cm, Kochi=8cm, Alappuzha = 10cm

Here's the full list of #Kerala rainfall stats (PDF) recorded till 8:30am today morning ... 

Yesterday's Bangladesh circulation has drifted South and now seen along N.Bay... this is why, entire N.Bay is active. 

The present N.Bay circulation is expected to get intense and persist in the same zone for another 2 days ... before moving North on 29-May