Friday, November 07, 2008

Unusually dry at this time of year!

We are experiencing an unusually dry period at this time of year.
It's supposed to be a only rainy season for Chennai.
Forecast :
According to numeric model suggestions...
In coming days the temperature & humidity will go up.
Some signs are here today, partly cloudy and bit warm.
We can expect some showers mid of next week.
Some suggestions are, there'll be a depression formation over the bay during the next weekend.

Some exerts from Blog.
Still virtually no rain on the Subcontinent as of Thursday. Another day of above-normal warmth, too. That is a strong anticyclone (aloft) over the west of the Subcontinent.
Eastward shift and weakening of the upper anticyclone will afford continued above-normal warmth over the Subcontinent into the coming week. It will also allow for the return of scattered rains into Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. Not any indication for full-blown NE Monsoon rain as yet. Oh, it will be something to look for next week: a tropical depression or tropical cyclone over the Bay of Bengal.