Monday, February 04, 2013

Scattered Rain due to W.D will persist over N,N-W,N-central India for another 18hrs ..

By tomorrow noon, rain is expected to move into W.Nepal. Rain also expected over N,N-W Uttarpradesh ...

From now, the W.D rains will slowly push across N,N-central India.

W.D update from Mcleodganj - "aggressive start... (am.04.feb.13)"

*Update @ 4:13pm... And now we've even had some thunder added to the mix, starting around 3:05pm.  There have been some brief heavy showers around town since last report.  Current temp: 45.5F (7.5C).  The snow line remains well up the mountain, and shouldn't be making in moves in our direction anytime soon, as we remain in the warm sector of our storm's circulation pattern.

*Update @ 2:16pm... I've recorded more than a half inch (1.2cm) of rain since 7:30am, which brings thetotal rainfall since late last night up to 1.90" (4.8cm).  This amount of rain so soon is actually putting us well ahead of projections for this storm system.  The upper-level circulation remains in southwestern Pakistan, and is expected to move very slowly into central Pak by this time tomorrow.  As individual waves of energy pivot north-northeastward around this system, we'll be seeing more periods of moderate to occasionally heavy rainfall developing, especially late tonight and Tuesday.  In fact Tuesday continues to look like the peak time for the heaviest precipitation in our area.  Current temp: 46.0F (7.8C), humidity is 85%. 

I am completely stunned to find 1.33" (3.4cm) in my rain gauge as of 7:30am this Monday morning.  This storm has wasted no time in getting started.  The low temp here on Tushita Road below the Mountaineering Center has been 39.4F (4.1C), and I have a current temp of 40.2F (4.6C), with 92% humidity.  There has been no power here since about 4:00am.

The first big wave of energy and moisture is being ejected northeastward out of the center of this storm's circulation, which is still hanging way back in southwestern Pakistan -- and that's what we're experiencing now.  However, this system is still not even fully developed yet, and the latest computer models are showing much more rain to come between now and early Thursday.  At the rate we're going, those predictions during the past several days of 15cm or more (6"+) of rain seem to be well within the realm of possibility.  We could get a break in the action later today or this evening before things crank up again.

Temperatures are also already colder than initial expectations, and that continues to have me concerned about a snow line which could end up pretty far downhill by late Tuesday or Wednesday.  Plenty to watch and keep on top of during the coming few days!!  I'll post updates as I am able...

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RT @aknarendranath: Raining in Delhi. Winter rains quite active this season. @weatherofindia (9:53am)

3:30pm, W.D showers seen over Kashmir, Himachal, Haryana, Uttarakand and Central,W.Uttarpradesh ... 

W.D is active over most of N,N-central India ... the upper level circulation is now over N-W Pakistan & Afghanistan ..

This W.D circulation is expected to move into and push across Kashmir on 6,7-Feb ...

The trough of W.D is seen extending south up to N.Arabian sea .. that's why cloud activity seen over N.central India..