Thursday, September 12, 2013

#Chennai, scattered sharp showers continue !

#Chennai - Scattered sharp showers lash parts of city from 5pm. Now (10pm) a shower system is moving along W,N-W suburbs from N-N-E to S-W

#Chennai -Today evening showers are like N-E monsoon, showers popping over Bay / Land and moving from N-N-E to S-W. More rain ahead tonight!

#Chennai Tornado ?? and Belgaum HEAVY rain !

RT @gaayathriraj: First ever #tornado (rec) in #Chennai, acc to the MET dept. 

RT @iam_divyesh: Heavy rain strts.. #chennai @weatherofindia (6:34pm) >> showers are scattered, not widespread ! 

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 6.50 pm, Partly cloudy sky in the day, Formation of dark clouds in the eve.  AN pic 

RT @sanjaywiz: Mumbai rain has started with lighting and thunderstorm today evening as well (4:53pm)

Belgaum - 6:50pm, "Its heavy downpour over Belgaum from 4pm and Rain still going on." ... 

Belgaum - 7:40pm, "Goaves - RPD road Belgaum .. Heavy Rain from 5pm .. now its drizzling" ... PIC at 5:30pm.. 

Badlapur - 3:26pm, "Torrential Thunderstorm Rain lashed Badlapur." ... 

 Karntaka: Brief Report of SWM Performance 

Interior Karnataka rainfall this SW Monsoon is doing well, and is in excess. As on 12th September, S.I.K. is in excess by 35%, having received 344 mms against a normal of 254 mms, and N.I.K. is excess by 13%, having received 440 mms against 390 mms. 

The best part of the rains were in this month (September) itself. N.I.K. received 96  mms so far this month, against a normal rain of 40  mms, thus being 134 % excess for September. While for S.I.K, it was 120  mms against 33 mms and excess of 261 %.

Bangalore (Urban) is doing well this year. Having actually received (till 12th September) 344 mms against a normal of 255 mms (+35%). And Bangalore (Rural)actually got 409 mms against 328 mms, excess of 25%. Best performer is Mandya District, showing 55% excess.

Bangalore Diagram with Daily and seasonal rain:

#Chennai - 5:05pm, mini showers are popping over W,S-W,N-W suburbs now. More rain ahead during next 6hrs.

Updates around India. Heavy rain over N-W,W Maharastra

#Chennai - 4:18pm, Sunny with good low cloud formation! Signs of more rain is already here!

RT @surencal: @weatherofindia It's raining cats and dogs in Erode, Tamilnadu. 4.00 P.M 

Kasaragod - till 8:30am got 11mm, 3:51pm its Cloudy.

#Kolkata - 2:20pm, #HOT, temperature 35.9 C. "a huge T.cell visible over West from city"

Indore - "Heavy showers last night, and now (2:11pm) Thunder cell formation seen over S-E"

#Chennai - 4:30pm, lots of mini showers seen over N-W from city at around 20 to 100km.

4pm, HEAVY rain over N-W,W Maharastra, S Madhyapradesh, central,S karnataka, N Odisha, N,central Chatisgarh .. 
4pm, ... Rain continue over S,central Kerala. Showers also seen over S Jharkhand and S-W Bengal.
RT @sanjaywiz: Mumbai today also cloudy,dark,hot and humid so presume rain expected tonight as well (4:31pm)

4:45pm, Heavy widespread rain throughout Mysore since 4pm.. taken from 

Indore - 4:02pm, "Thunderstorms with rain right now"

1:54pm, "heavy rain in Tenkasi ,Ambasamuthiram (S Tamilnadu)"

More rain ahead for entire S-E coast !

Today as well the low,mid level circulation persists along Chennai and S Andhra coast ... almost 3rd day today .. 

Today, weak upper level circulation seen along N Lakshadweep and off coast of S Maharastra. Another one over E Uttarpradesh.

Tomorrow, an upper level circulation is expected to be near N-coast Tamilnadu and #Chennai... 

The circulation near #Chennai is expected to persist till Saturday morning ... 
By tomorrow evening a low level circulation is expected over Bengal and it's expected to drop a N-S trough upto S-W Bay.

During next 18hrs, scattered rain again for W,S Maharastra, N,central,S Karnataka and into N,N-E, central-coast Tamilnadu.
13-Sep, as the next N-S trough from Bengal along S-E coast is expected, most S-E coast (from S,S-W Bengal to N Tamilnadu) will get more rain
Today and tomorrow, more rain ahead for #Chennai, N,N-E, N-coast and central coast Tamilnadu.
Scattered showers over S,central, N Karnataka and S,S-E,W Maharastra to continue for next 2/3 days.
S,central Kerala to get more scattered rain even beyond 16-Sep. Some places along coast can expect HEAVY rain as well.

Circulation persists near #Chennai

#Chennai - Schools shut for 2nd day due to Rain !

#Chennai - 11:30am, now its turn of North suburbs. Moderate rain for the past 30min. Light drizzle continue over some S,S-W suburbs.

RT @aash_tvm: Raining heavily here at Nedumangad #trivandrum @weatherofindia (10:49am)

Heavy thunder showers in and around Velachery #Chennai around 5 am in the morning . Roads Flooded @weatherofindia

South Chennai 4:30am T.Shower

#Chennai - 6:40am, HEAVY T shower lashed Pallavaram zone from 4:20am. And now heavy drizzling continue ! 

#Chennai - Early morning T shower was only for S,S-W,S-E suburbs of city... 

#Chennai - 6:45am, HEAVY drizzle continue over Polichalur (S-W of Airport) zone.

RT @ntshamz2010: @weatherofindia Has been raining in interior parts of Tambaram (S Chennai) 6:45am