Saturday, December 08, 2012

8:30pm, Gulf Mannar is active again, Tonight more isolated showers possible for S.tip Tamilnadu ..

8:30pm, W.D over Kashmir has almost cleared off ..
#chennai - 8:55pm, Temp. now 26 deg C and going down... Another DRY and 21 deg C morning ahead.
A moderate easterlies is expected to push into S-E Bay around 13-Dec and push West..

NOGAPS even suggests a circulation to form over S-E corner Bay by 15-Dec ... 

According to models N-E monsoon for Tamilnadu is still alive and expected to pickup again around 14/15-Dec..!
Scattered showers expected to persist over North N-E states during next 2 days or more ...

A low level circulation is expected over S.Rajasthan & N-W.Madhyapradesh on 10-Dec...

Due to this circulation, isolated showers expected over central,N-central and E-central India on 10-Dec & moving East..  

This system is expected to travel East into Jharkand, Bihar and Bengal on 11,12-Dec.. scattered showers expected..

This circulation is expected to be followed by a strong W.D to reach N-W India on 13/14-Dec ..  

The next W.D around 13/14-Dec is expected to the strongest to hit N,N-W India this Winter !
Present W.D over Kashmir will last another 12hrs.
#chennai - records another 22.2 deg C morning... now 3pm temp. is around 31 deg C.

S.Tamilnadu got more rain till 8:30am today, Manimutharu 3, Ambasamudram (Tirunelveli dt) and Mylaudy (Kanyakumari dt) 1 CM each.