Monday, December 20, 2010

6:30pm, Heavy rains started due to Easterlies over C.coast TN.. will the showers creep above 12th parallel,,,
6:30pm, Heavy showers over Central Coastal Tamilnadu and more showers marching towards coast ..
Night temp likely to reach 4 C or less accompanied with ground
frost in Punjab, Haryana, w. UP and n.Rajasthan during next 1­ - 2 night
RT @tsgoutham: rain photography. More coming
Dry Northwesterly winds are prevailing over northwest, central and adjoining east India.
Chennai - will also get a nice share of Rains from the upcoming easterlies from 21-Dec till 25-Dec... and even more after 27-Dec
Heavy rain forecast for S and S-E coastal Tamilnadu on 24, 25-Dec (xmas day) .. un-usual ... ...
Heavy widespread rain forecast for C, S-E and S. Tamilnadu coast starting from 21-Dec.. till 26-Dec
On 24-Dec, S-E Bay will pop another LOW system , which will travel west and reach C,Coastal Tamilnadu aftr 27-Dec..
The Low circulation will entrench S. of Gulf Mannar and will remain there from 21-Dec to 24-Dec... Heavy rain expected for S-E TN coast.
In 24hrs, Due to upcoming easterlies a Low circulation will form over S-E of Srilanka engulfing upto S-E TN coast..
12pm, Easterlies is active over S. Bay and nearing C,coastal Tamilnadu...
Chennai - More intermittent sharp showers over S.suburbs of Chennai from 7:30am.
NEM 2010 is again going to revive over Coramendal coast ...
Mumbai Colaba dips to 17c on Monday morning. S'Cruz remains at 14.8c.