Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Parameters on the Wednesday evening chart coincide with the withdrawal of the SW Monsoon from complete Sindh region of Pakistan. 

Setting the tone, the SWM is likely to retreat from rest of Pakistan and Western Rajasthan in the next 2 days, that is by Saturday, 22nd, evening.

Thursday, 20th/Friday, 21st: 
Heavy thundershowers on the increase in all regions of interior Maharastra, i.e. Madhya Maharashtra, Marathwada and Vidharbha. 
Pune, Satara, Sangli, Nasik and ghat staions can possibly get thundershowers Friday. 
Nagpur can get convective rains. 
N.I.Karnataka will also get isolated thundershowers in some pockets. Northern AP can get thundershowers, with likely rain in Hyderabad

Very light rainfall, with thunder, likely in few districts of Saurashtra. Surat and Bharuch districts can get a stray thundershower on Friday evening.

NW India, and Delhi NCR will be clear and dry, with days reaching 34c, and night around 24c. SW Monsoon has not withdrawn from NCR and may retreat middle of next week.

More detailed article in vagaries.

Chennai - already 1:15pm one or two small showers seen over s, s-s-w at around 40km from city.

Chennai - 1:15pm, conditions are good for a t.shower. good preliminary t.cell formation seen over city.

RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Himachal receives season's first snowfall - The Times of India