Monday, November 26, 2007


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Cloudy and windy morning

Today the day started as Cloudy, windy and Cold. As you can see the Low temperature 21.4°C was at 7:18am. And today's humidity, high 87% @ 7:36am and low 57% @ 2:36pm, so this means evening is dry and mild.
Take a look at the latest satellite pic.... boo no significant changes.
We might see some changes in weather during the 1st of December, let's wait and see what kind of change? Bursts of rain? very cold? A Depression over bay?

Humanity First International - Bangladesh Cyclone

The following facts represent Humanity First International's Current Disaster Assessment of the Bangladesh Cyclone Disaster as produced in coordination with International Relief & Governmental Agencies.

Affected Areas:
The worst affected areas include Bagerhat, Barguna, Barisal, Bhola, Gopalgonj, Jhalkhati, Khulna, Mandaripur, Patuakhali, Pirojpur, Satkhira and Shariatpur districts.
Patuakhali's Golachipa and Mirzaganj and Bagerhat's Shoronkhola and Morolganj upazilas are experiencing the worst drinking water crisis.
Contaminated drinking water has resulted in a diarrhea outbreak which has started to claim lives. The first reports of diarrhea death came from Mathbaria upazila in Pirojpur, where two children died yesterday. NGO workers in a number of worst-hit areas in Patuakhali and Barguna have also reported that hundreds are affected by the disease.

Population Affected:
More than 6 million people in southern districts are now known to have been directly affected by the cyclonic storms.

Missing, Injured, & Death Tolls
2,062 individuals have been reported missing and 6,611 reported injured As of 20 November, the Government of Bangladesh official reports indicated a death toll of 3,447 people.

Property Damage:
An estimated 300,511 homes were destroyed and 626,088 houses were partially damaged. Extensive damage to roads and public buildings also occurred, including 792 educational institutions destroyed with another 4,393 partially damaged.

Crop Damage:
An estimated 870,000 acres of crops were damaged.

Immediate Needs:
- Food
- Clean Water & Water Purification
- Disease Control with focus on Diarrheal Illness Prevention & Treatment
- Shelter Assistance

Long Term Needs:
- Rehabilitation of Industry & Workplaces
- Infrastructure Recovery
- Health and Educational services
- Transition of Short Term to Long Term Housing
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