Sunday, May 06, 2012

A Western disturbance, M-1, now covering Northern regions of India and Pakistan is expected to linger on till Friday. Northern Pakistan, and Northern Indian regions will continue to get pockets of Thundershowers spread out widely from North Pakistan thru Northern Indian states of Punjab,Haryana, Delhi, West U.P. and Northern M.P. Nepal too would recieve showers Tuesday thru Thursday.

Interestingly, an induced low, basically an off shoot of M-1, will form on Monday and bring rainfall in many regions of Rajasthan, MP, Interior Maharashtra from Tuesday thru Friday. 
This is a result of the Easterly 200 hpa jet streams stooping down far to the South.
if further interested, see map on Vagaries.
chennai - may record below 40 deg C temp from Monday till 10-May..
Delhi - will get 1 or 2 Thunder showers from 8-May to 13-May...
Lots of T.showers expected to break open over delhi, N,N-W, Central India from Monday to 12-May, Will peak from 8-May..
chennai - at 12:10pm, temp. was 36.0°C ... 3 deg C below than yesterday's temp at this time.
W.D to become active from today over Kashmir, Punjab and Himachal..
A Super HEAT wave to start over N,N-W, central, E-central, S-central India from 10-May...
Moisture has almost dried out over and along S.kerala coast .. it'll be back from 11-May...
Yesterday's E.Bay circulation has moved into S.Myanmar...
RT @rajkumar71: @weatherofindia Heavy downpour in Madurai at 4.00 pm, 5-May