Sunday, October 31, 2010

2:30pm, Thunder cells over N.kerala, S.central Tamilnadu & N. Srilanka... Cloud activity along N. Tamilnadu & S. Andhra.
Chennai - is very cloudy now 3:35pm... chance of a long steady drizzle around 5pm.
Latest COLA-GFS model also predicts that Diwali cyclone over Bay to hit Chennai ...
IMD-GFS predicts the upcoming cyclone to be very close to Chennai on Diwali day .. ... it may move towards Andhra coast
We can expect a Low pressure system over S-E corner Bay on 2-Nov... this will be the seed for upcoming Diwali cyclone for Tamilnadu coast
5:30am, A low level circulation is over N. Tamilnadu coast nd S. Andhra coast, heavy showers expected in another 12 hrs.
More showers predicted for N. Tamilnadu in another 6 to 12 hrs.
11am, Heavy monsoon showers along S. coastal Andhra ...