Saturday, May 03, 2014

1:10pm, T showers in Thiruchirapalli ... 

1:30pm, T showers seen along central coast Andhra and S Tamilnadu getting ready for T showers ... 

Today as well, Heavy T showers ahead for S,W,S-central Tamilnadu, S,central,W-ghats Kerala and for W,S-W,central,N-W,N-E Karnataka !
Today, T showers also for N-E,N-W Andhra and into S,central Odisha !

#Kolkata T showers

Kolkata - 11:15am, "T showers with lots of winds around 40km/h. Mostly drizzled"
Kolkata - 12:43pm, "temperature around 28 C... cool"

Chilling out by the Hubli.. Such pleasant weather in #Kolkata right now!