Wednesday, November 14, 2012

While "98B" is so far over Bay... Tamilnadu to have another cold & Dry night !

"98B" .. Taking shape and Where is it going? N-N-E.

"98B" .. Taking shape and Where is it going? N-N-E.
4pm, Satellite shot reveals that the system has further moved N-N-E and it has consolidated. Not weakened.
This kind of movement is unusual for this time of year over South, S-E Bay.
Here's the latest position plot .

NOGAPS model still suggests a W-N-W movement towards N.Tamilnadu coast and S.Andhra coast by 16-Nov.

#chennai - Morning temp. (corrected)... Nungambakkam = 21.2 degC and Airport = 20.5 degC
RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 12.15 pm, Clear skies, Bright Sunshine, Cool and pleasant. No rain for the past one week...Fog in the morning.
A moderate W.D is approaching Afghanisthan, N.Pakistan and Kashmir in next 36hrs.
So DRY weather for entire Tamilnadu till 16-Nov...  >> DRY weather may go beyond that date, all depends on "98B"

"98B" persists as a low level circulation & moved N-E

"98B" persists as a low level circulation & moved N-E.
Latest 9am, satellite shot reveals convective activity mostly along its periphery.
Here's the map plot of the system... suggests that the system has moved N-E in last 24hrs.

NOGAPS model at 5:30am IST suggests a slow and steady progress in W-N-W direction from today till 17-Nov.

Tirunelveli - a bright, COLD (according to Tirunelveli standards) and Dry morning till now 10:30am.

#Chennai - 10:30am, another Dry and mild morning. Min temp. was 22.8°C (6:14am). Less low cloud formation seen now.