Thursday, June 24, 2010

SWM Rainfall for the period 1.6.2010 to 23.06.2010

Districts in south Kerala are not getting due share of normal rainfall for the period 1.6.2010 to 23.06.2010.
1 ALAPUZHA 360 480 [-] 25
2 KOLLAM 223 374 [-] 41
4 WAYANAD 297 443 [-] 33
5 LAKSHADWEEP 201 260 [-] 23
This shows that SWM winds have not spared well in lower latitudes. But the picture in Tamilnadu is different. Here SWM winds spared well and normal to excess rainfall is realized in these corresponding latitudes. Though not unusual, it indicates some message.
Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall Index is said to be one indicator of SWM performance. If more convective activities is present in Bay of Bengal it is said that west of 80 Degree East will be getting more rainfall. If convective activities are more near Philippines’ Sea then East of 80 Degree East will be getting relatively more rainfall. Perhaps this assumption is holding good now.

Bay ‘low' to help strengthen monsoon flows

The southwest monsoon, which is nearly 10 days behind its normal schedule over the Gangetic plains of north India, is expected to strengthen with the formation of a low-pressure area in the Bay of Bengal. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) said in its update on Wednesday that the ‘low' might take shape by Thursday itself.

According to Dr Akhilesh Gupta, leading operational forecaster and Advisor to the Department of Science and Technology, the ‘low' may not carry strength to drive itself deep inland.

After crossing land, it may hang over land for a while before weakening as a cyclonic circulation. Still, it would be able to generate some rain. It may move slowly inland and help increase rainfall over eastern parts of the peninsula such as Andhra Pradesh, adjoining Orissa, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

From June 28 (Monday next), this situation may also help bring some rainfall over Bihar, Jharkhand, east Uttar Pradesh and parts of north Madhya Pradesh. With this rain, it is expected that monsoon may further advance into certain areas of east Uttar Pradesh around this date.

Forecast charts also hint at the possibility of monsoon easterlies making their way into west Uttar Pradesh and Delhi by July 2 but have low confidence in the eventuality.

1:30pm, Heavy formations along the LOW pressure zone .. N-W Bay.. and Heavy showers continue ALL along west coast..
Heavy monsoon showers expected ALL along west coast for next 72 hrs... as the N-W bay low consolidates..
RT @sayalisancheti: first monsoon in mumbai and lovin every bit of it :)
A LOW pressure system is along Orissa coast over N-W Bay ...
On 23-Jun, Highest maximum temperature of 47.2°C recorded at Orai (Uttar Pradesh).
western disturbance is likely to affect Western Himalayan region during next 2-3 days
Rainfall ending 8.30am on 24.06.2010

Chennai (Nungambakkam) - 3.0 mm

Chennai (Meenambakkam) - 11.0 mm

Mumbai (Colaba) - 63.0 mm

Mumbai (Santacruz) - 83.0 mm