Sunday, June 16, 2013

1. BB-3 has fizzled out on sea level, but maintains strength as an UAC.
2. The UAC in the Arabian Sea, at the head of the off shore trough, will stabilise more prominently in the South Gujarat region, and get the trough in a "vertical" position.
The UAC will move NE and cross Gujarat coast near Veraval.

Resultantly: On Monday: Heavy rains in South Gujarat (Surat >100mms and Bharuch), South coastal Saurashtra (Veraval and East of it),  In Guj: Ahmadabad, Baroda, Surat, Bharuch, Gandhinagar, Bhavnagar and Palanpur).
Monday very heavy rains in Utterakhand and adjoining UP and some sharp showers in adjoining NCR.

Tuesday: Heavy rains in region where Guj/Raj/MP borders meet. In MP:Indore, Ujjain, Ratlam, Barwani and In Rajasthan:Kota, Udaipur and Banswara.
Wednesday; Rains move towards Delhi NCR as UAC gets weaker. The trough runs from Delhi SW towards Gujarat. 

Next 3 days: West coast gets good rainfall as trough remains intact.
Rainfall for a day more in Nagpur. Monday may see showers and about 5-10 mms of rain. But sharp decrease from Tuesday, and day temperature climbing to 34/35c in East Vidharbha again.Showers continue in Western Vidharbh.
South Eastern Peninsula remains almost dry. Chennai cloudy but just a stray shower possible.

city details on vagaries
Today, the upper level circulation is seen over central Madhyapradesh.. and another along N.Maharastra coast... 

Circulation along N.Maharastra coast is expected to push into N-W.Maharastra, S-E.Gujarat in next 24hrs and continue into W.Madhyapradesh !

Meanwhile, the W.D trough over N.India up to 27th parallel is expected to drift East during next 2 days... 

Present Madhyapradesh circulation is expected to drift North and will fizzle out near #Delhi in next 24hrs.. 

During next 36hrs, the circulation along Maharastra coast is expected to move N-E into land and push into S-W,W.Madhyapradesh on 17-Jun.
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RT @zecrazylemur: Everybody is loving Delhi & its rain. Thanks to Sunday. Hope it rains tomorrow too & we shall witness the hate . (2:45pm)

RT @arjunsawhney: Irs crazy rain here in Delhi. Is India having its bestest monsoon ever? (2:45pm)

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1:30pm, Circulation seen over central Madhyapradesh, Heavy rain over central,S,W,N.Madhyapradesh ... 

1:30pm, Heavy rain seen along S.Gujarat and All along Maharastra coast, #Mumbai ...

1:30pm rain also seen over W.Uttarpradesh.. >> more heavy rain coming up for Kerala.


RT @kannan2121: Heavy Rain #trivandrum #southkerala @weatherofindia (11:30pm, 15-Jun)

RT @aknarendranath: Raining off and on through out the night in Palakkad (Kerala). I'm sure the rainfall readings must be well above average

RT @shrirangsamant: @weatherofindia Nice Raining Super Duper Sunday here in Mumbai. Rocking Climate. .Raining on..:-):-) (12:21pm)

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 1.45pm, Gusty winds, cloudy skies, temp range 28-20C, slight drizzle yestday night. Sky pic 

RT @chemingineer: In the meanwhile the rain has taken a short break. Just a thin drizzle now. #Mumbai (2:35pm)

heavy sunday morning showers in south mumbai, 16th june 
Good heavy rains can be expected in Mumbai due to vortex. I had maintained up to 90 mms... I think you must have given a rethought on the presumed track of BB-3 ? I think that too will move W/NW..lets see..:-)