Monday, January 04, 2010

Moreover NCMRWF also predicts that the present system will come near to North TN coast and move north ..
NCMRWF: Analysis shows a minor circulation formation over the present potential system. .. .. shows very less convective cloud formation above 10th parallel.. This system will struggle to move north.
Satellite 2pm IST, shows the whirl & the huge cloud mass just below 10th parallel...
Total solar eclipse on January 15 will last for about 11 minutes and eight seconds ..
IMAGE.. snowfall in Srinagar, India, Sunday, Jan. 3, 2010 ..
Cold weather, dense fog cause more than 30 deaths in northern India over past 24 hours ..
Chennai - If the potential system over bay persists till wednesday (6-Jan-10) .. then weather pattern will change to WET mode from Thursday.
Chennai - Yesterday morning it was 24 deg, and today it was 22.1°C (5:30am) ... Cold & Dry again.
This .. system is predicted to make a landfall over North TN coast as LOW pressure on 8 or 9-Jan-2010 .. This potential LOW system will be marked before tomorrow morning. And no prediction on its movement yet. .. around 4pm IST on 3-Jan-10, this potential system almost died and resurged again overnight.
Satellite shot at 8:30am IST: Shows a whirl attached to the potential LOW system over south Bay ..