Monday, May 16, 2011

2:30pm, Cloudy all along West Maharastra, Heavy T.showers over C,S-W Orissa ...
Chennai - This's good... temp. now 3:26pm is just 33 deg C and having stiff Sea Breeze.
RT @Shrenit10: @weatherofindia 3.00 pm Started drizzling in dadar, mumbai. First raindrops since november.
RT @akshaydeoras: Temperature touches 45C now in Nagpur! (2:40pm)
Chennai - Temp. is still around 36 deg C at 1pm ... moderate for mid May.
Chennai - Some summer showers possible after 21-May ... till then Hot, Hot Hot !
The upcoming W.D over N-W india will pick strength over N, N-N-E india from 21-May and some heavy summer showers expected in that zone !
A good vertical velocity seen over W-S-W coast Maharastra.. this'll give heavy afternoon showers on 16,17-May.
From 19-May a fresh moderate W.D will start over Kashmir, and Very heavy widespread showers forecast for N-E states. !
Chennai - 11:10am, temp was at 34 deg C and surprisingly getting mild wind from S-E, If this sustains the temp. will not go beyond 36 deg C
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 10.00am, yestday 40.3-27C, Now it is sunny, hot and windy. Patches of high clouds could be seen.
RT @Shrenit10: @weatherofindia First time since november mumbai is overcast but no rain expected. (10am)
On 15-May, highest maximum temperature of 45.9 Deg C was recorded at Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan).