Saturday, July 20, 2013

20-Jul, Weather analysis and forecast

Today, the LOW has not formed along Odisha coast and S.Bengal coast ... it'll in another 36hrs ... 

The upcoming LOW along N.Odisha coast, S.Bengal is expected to concentrate upto 992mb before moving W-N-W on 25-Jul.. 

Today, the low, mid level circulation is seen along Odisha and S,central Chatisgarh ... 

In next 36hrs, when the LOW forms along N-N-W Bay.. the low, mid level circulation is also expected form there ... 

Along with N-N-W Bay LOW.. the low, mid level circulations are also expected to move inland on 24-Jul...

Today, a weak upper level circulation is seen over N,N-W.Rajasthan, and another over N-E.coast Andhra ... 

The upcoming N-N-W Bay LOW may have its upper level circulation along the same position itself (N-N-W Bay).. 

Latest model analysis at 5:30pm (update)
In next 24hrs, two circulations expected, 1 along N,N-E.Madhyapradesh and another along N-N-W Bay and Odisha coast .. 

On Monday, both the circulations are expected to merge over central,E.Madhyapradesh and  Chatisgarh, then expected to move towards Gujarat.

Rainfall Forecast 
Till Sunday evening, widespread, heavy rain for central,W.Odisha, most of Chatisgarh, W,central,E,N-E.Madhyapradesh 
Super Sunday! expected for S.Maharastra coast, #Goa and entire Karnataka coast.
During next 2 days, widespread rain for Maharastra coast, and HEAVY for S,S-E.Gujarat coast.
Widespread rain for Kerala to persist till 22-Jul.
From Sunday evening, HEAVY rain will move across S,central.Chatisgarh, N,N-E.Andhra and into E,N,central.Maharastra 
#Mumbai to get intermittent heavy rain till 23-Jul.
For next 2 days, scattered rain to continue over Punjab, Himachal, S.Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Haryana and #Delhi.
Scattered rain also expected for central,E.Uttarpradesh, Bihar and N,S.Bengal till Monday.
For #Chennai and #Bangalore evening showers to continue on Sunday and Monday.

#Chennai rain at 8:10pm

Chennai - 8:10pm, sharp showers now over Polichalur zone.. getting heavy.

RT @vnsiva: @vnsiva: Heavy rain in Velachery. #Chennai @weatherofindia (8:31pm)

RT @thisismmk: @weatherofindia #Chennai - 8.20 pm. Rain lashes Ramapuram. Very heavy. Roads flooded 

RT @ntshamz2010: @weatherofindia heavy rain in Tambaram area of Chennai.(around 8:15pm) how does it look like for tomorrow? 

Bhagalpur - HEAVY rain today !

RT @ajitmishra71: @weatherofindia See this is the image of heavy rainfall at Bhagalpur , Bihar . 

Tamil Nadu Top 10 rainfall in this SWM from 01.06.2013 to 20.07.2013

Sholayar Dam is over flowing for over 20 days now. Its one of two dams in TN to overflow. Another one is Pillur. Parambikulam to overflow in next two weeks by receiving the excess from Sholayar. Which will cause Aliyar to over flow. Things look so bright for Coimbatore.

These are the top 10 rainfall places in Tamil Nadu for last 50 days. Sholayar Dam (Upper Sholayar) crossed 2500 mm mark today and leads ahead of wettest place in Tamil Nadu which is Chinna Kallar.

in mm

1. Upper Sholayar, Coimbatore district -2557
2. Valparai, Coimbatore district - 2195
3. Avalanche, Nilgris district - 2043
4. Chinna Kallar, Coimbatore district -2010
5. Devala, Nilgris district -1950
6. Upper Bhavani, Nilgris district - 1809
7. Parsons Valley, Nilgris district -1800
8. Porthimund, Nilgris district -1229
9. Upper Kodayar, Tirunelveli district - 1000
10.Naduvattam, Nilgris district -1000

#Chennai - 5:18pm, "Short showers approaching"

#Chennai - 5:21pm, Short showers possible in another 1 / 1.5 hr. Presently good showers seen over W,W-N-W at 60 to 100km from city.

Round up from Bhagalpur (Bihar), #Delhi, #Bangalore

#Bangalore - 4pm, "Heavy rainfall - 560076 (Bilekahalli area) "... 4:50pm, "sunshine is back at 560076 JP nagar 7th phase"

RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 5.00pm, Cloudy day with drizzles at times;Formation of T.clouds in the eve with light rain. 

RT @ganpatteli1: 4:48pm, Heavy rain in #Delhi @weatherofindia 

RT @ajitmishra71: @weatherofindia Today heavy rain here at Bhagalpur , Bihar at 2:00PM . Rain is again started heavily at 4:30 PM

Where is Bhagalpur in East Bihar >>>

Belgaum - past 3 days, Heavy rain

  • Very heavy downpour over Belgaum since last 3 days .

    Today its bit heavy and continuous raining.

Nagpur yesterday (19-Jul-2013) - report

128.6 mm rainfall at Nagpur airport till 8:30pm (114 mm till 5:30pm) ...... 

Chandrapur 280 mm till 5:30pm 

Road to Nagpur airport is flooded and overflowing at many places......there are boats sailing 

on chandrapur roads.........had much dicciculty in reaching nt duty

Reported by our Facebook reader ...

#Chennai, Andhra coast, Karnataka - Today

Yesterday's upper level circulation along central Andhra coast is now seen along N-E.Andhra coast ... 
Showers expected again for #Chennai, N-E,N-coast Tamilnadu, W,N,N-E.Andhra, S,central coast Andhra till Sunday night 

Interior, N.Karnataka and #Bangalore to get showers today as well.

#Chennai - till 8:30am today rainfall, Nungambakkam = 21.8mm and Airport = 44.3mm

#Chennai - Now, 30% cloudy, Temperature around 32 C and mild breeze from W-S-W. Humid. Showers possible again after 3pm.

#Bangalore - till 8:30am today got 49.2mm

Past 15 days rainfall anomaly

Past 15 days (4-Jul to 18-Jul) rainfall stats indicate that LESS rain over most of East India ...

#Delhi - Rain

RT @aknarendranath: @weatherofindia Lovely. Raining quite heavily in Delhi (11:48am)

RT @sri_awesomeguy: Heavy Rain in #Delhi (12:33pm)

#Delhi - 12:35pm, Pouring! #rains #delhi #monsoons ...  >> 

#Delhi - 12:10pm, Taken from #Instagram ... >>