Friday, June 20, 2014

An upper-level W.D trough with a circulation embedded over South Pakistan is expected on 21-Jun ... 
And this upper-level W.D circulation is expected to drift into S-W Rajasthan on Sunday !

Due to this showers expected over Kashmir, Punjab, N,N-E Rajasthan, #Delhi from Saturday noon into mid next week ... 

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#chennai - 6:05pm, a hot evening. Good cloud formation seen. Light rain possible in 1hr. #weather

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#Chennai light showers!

#Chennai - 5:15pm, "Temp around 38 C at 4:40pm".
Scattered, Light rain seen over W-N-W at around 70km from city !
Some may push in.

~~ update at 7pm ~~
#Chennai - 6:40pm, light showers pushed across W,central zones of city and one more round of light rain possible for W,W-N-W suburbs.

Arabian sea wing of S-W monsoon may go lull after 23/24-Jun !!

BAD news!
GFS models suggest a weakening or break #monsoon over W,S-W coast of India after 24-Jun !!

Today along W,S-W coast, the offshore trough is strong from S Maharastra coast to N-central Kerala coast ... 
During next 3 days, there is NO great strengthening of offshore trough expected... In fact there's a weakening expected after 23-Jun !!

In next 36hrs, Heavy and widespread rain to continue along Karnataka coast, Goa, most of Kerala, S tip Tamilnadu .. 
A gradual weakening of rain activity expected ALL along Maharastra coast from tonight...!
This trend can be expected even till 25-Jun !!

#Mumbai - LESS rain forecast for weekend! unless the offshore trough along Maharastra coast activates.

More rain ahead for S,central Bengal and N-E states!

Today, the mid, upper level circulation is seen persisting along S,central Bengal and Bangladesh ... 
This mid, upper level circulation is expected to intensify, persist and may crawl N-N-E during next 42 hrs ... 

HEAVY and widespread rain expected over S,central Bengal, S Bihar, Jharkhand, N Odisha during next 42 hrs ... 
#Kolkata - is also in for more HEAVY rain today, tomorrow and on 22-Jun ...
Meanwhile, HEAVY and widespread rain over Bangladesh and N-E states of #India will continue till Sunday evening !

Weather Instagram at June 20, 2014 at 02:17PM

#chennai - 12:30pm, temp at 35 C. Slightly windy from S-W. Photo of YoWindow. #weather

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RT @Tailwind3: @weatherofindia Rain continues to hammer North Kerala.

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 11.00am, Heavy wind with passing clouds,dark clouds swept away by wind without much rain..

New ray of hope for South West Monsoon ... 

Nagercoil (S tip Tamilnadu) - 10am, "Sharp showers" #Monsoon ...

12:30pm, Heavy rain along Karnataka coast and over most of Kerala, S tip Tamilnadu ... 
12:30pm, East India and N Bay continue to be active due to persistent circulation over central Bengal and Bangladesh