Friday, June 22, 2012

Today also the vertical velocity is high along N.Tamilnadu, #Chennai, S.Karnataka and S.Andhra .. so showers after 4pm. 
RT @shanpati: Bizarre weather in #Massoorie! From thick blanket of fog, its now partially sunny & thunder sounds rocking the valley (3:13pm)
#Chennai - today the winds from WEST is not as strong as yesterday at ALL heights. Sign of weak Monsoon current over peninsula.

#chennai - yesterday evening a strong shower pushed very near to S-W suburbs and then fizzled out .. 
A Fresh W.D will reach W,N-W.Kashmir on tomorrow and will slowly move East ... will persist till 27-Jun.

The UAC persists over N-Central Arabian sea, this'll not move anywhere but it'll vanish on 25-Jun..

 The off-shore trough along S-W peninsula coast is expected to deepen on 25-Jun..and this is good for next monsoon wave. 
In 24hrs, Heavy & widespread showers for entire East India, coastal Karnataka and N.Kerala ..

Heavy monsoon showers will pickup along S-W peninsula coast from evening of 25-Jun..

Rain for Maharastra coast, #Mumbai will start again from 26-Jun ...

 Showers along E.India will go down from 25-Jun, while Heavy & widespread rain will Continue over entire N-E states till June end.
Yesterday's N.Bay circulation has moved inland and it's over Jharkand and S.Bengal..

The circulation is expected to move North into Bihar and die around 25-Jun...

Moisture push can be seen well into Gujarat and even reaching S.Rajasthan and W.Madhyapradesh.. T.showers possible till 25/26-Jun

N,N-E. Bay may pop another monsoon circulation around 28-Jun ..  

Monsoon has further advanced into East India .. here's the latest Northern limit of Monsoon ..

Rainfall recorded till 8:30am of 21-Jun ...  
#chennai - 12:30pm, having strong winds from West. Morning it was heavily cloudy after last evening's mild rain. Getting HOT now at 35.0°C

#Delhi - records 41.0°C at 12pm while #Bangalore records 28.0°C at 12:30pm !
On 21-Jun, highest maximum temperature of 45.9°C was recorded at Amritsar (Punjab)

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia; Monsoon skies from air...somewhere near Bangalore... a pic

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 10.00am, Cloudy, cool n pleasant.. T.Clouds formation in the eve but no rain ..a pic

RT @altruist_s: Wow, awesome climate. I came home for this.... it's raining @ Trivandrum :-) :-) (11:42am)

RT @vipuljain: Surprisingly no rain. God's own country, kochi, Kerala. (@ Domestic Terminal) (9:46am)

RT @shanpati:  Live from #Massoorie.  Beautiful and absolutely amazing weather! Thick blanket of fog/clouds... Temp around 21 degree. 9:05am

But, the Break Monsoon" status quo continues in the Peninsula and Western India. It will be negligible rains in West MP, Gujarat, Interior Maharashtra and the NW states till Monday, 25th.
Strong Dusty Westerly winds would sweep Gujarat, Rajasthan and parts of NW India Saturday thru Monday.
With the trough remaiming weak off the West coast, and the trough in the North in its Northern most position, this status quo for the region, and the west coast will continue to get meagre rainfall at least till Sunday/Monday, 24/25th.
We could see the off shore trough in the west strengthening from Tuesday. 26th, to some extent.

The Southern States of TN, interior Karnataka and complete AP, will see no meaningfull increase in rains till Tueday 25th (at least). Temperatures expected to rise to over 40c again from Sunday thru Monday in Coastal AP as the region gets strong West winds, blowing out in the Sea.

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