Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chennai - heavy rain now over Polichalur zone, 9:32pm

Very heavy rain warning for most places in S.Tamilnadu and at 1 or 2 places over S.Kerala during next 36hrs.
6pm, Heavy rain seen over S,S-central,N.coast.Tamilnadu and S.Kerala ...

More rain on way for N,central Tamilnadu coast & #chennai towards midnight and into morning of 19-Oct.!
RT @shaitaaaaan: @weatherofindia Really need some. It is cloudy weather now but the sun is out too. #Tuticorin (3:42pm)
W.D rain expected for Kashmir, Punjab & Himachal from 20-Oct to 21/22-Oct.
For next 48hrs, Heavy rain coming up for S.Tamilnadu, S.Kerala and N,central Tamilnadu coast ..

Showers along Tamilnadu coast to continue till 22/23-Oct, S.Tamilnadu to get widespread Heavy rains and Interrior will get scattered Rain. 
No Cyclone or Depression expected till 25-Oct. !
Next W.D is expected to reach W.Kashmir by early hours of 20-Oct... 
#chennai - Rainfall till 8:30am, 18-Oct.. Nungambakkam = 70.9mm and Airport = 35.6mm
More heavy rain for N,central Tamilnadu coast & #chennai from early hrs of 19-Oct ...

Present wave of N-E monsoon rain are expected to continue along coast & interior Tamilnadu till 22/23-Oct.. 
By tomorrow evening the circulation will reach mouth of Gulf Mannar .. and then proceed West ... 
A pressure trough can be seen over S.Karnataka and upto S.tip of Tamilnadu ...

Today as well the monsoon winds are reaching along the coast and have not pushed inland into interior Tamilnadu ..

N-E monsoon current is expected to push inland from tonight ...

S-W.Bay circulation is seen near S-E.Srilanka coast ...

Now most Models suggest that the circulation will not enter Gulf Mannar ..instead it'll touch the S.tip Tamilnadu and continue to move west.
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 9.30, Clear skies, Sunny and no rain for the past two days. Rain, rain come again !!

RT @qinnairen: At 1430hrs, Sunshine. Yet slightly cold winds. #DelhiNCR @weatherofindia 
11:30pm, 17-Oct, Analysis shows that the low level circulation is nearing Srilanka over S-W.Bay..

8am, Latest pic suggests that the circulation is along E-S-E.Srilanka coast .

By tonight, IMD-GFS expects that the circulation will enter into Gulf Mannar...

Circulation is expected to bring more heavy rain for S.Tamilnadu while the Monsoon moisture will dump all along N,central Tamilnad coast.
8am, S.tip of Tamilnadu got heavy rain overnight and Sharp monsoon showers continue along N,central Tamilnadu coast..

Chennai - 8:16am, intermittent showers continued all thru night and even now its raining.

Published 12.10 am IST Thursday 18th October..

SWM has retreated from Karnataka, and will be in Kerala and TN for another 24 hrs...Next 24 hrs sees the NEM commencing over AP, Karnataka, TN and Kerala.

The 200 hpa jet stream ridge line is passing thru the 14N line, and an Easterly trough can be seen forming around 10N...which may give rise to an easterly wave.

Chennai: From Wednesday afternoon, the winds have changed to the NE direction...whilst being NW in the morning and gradually moving towards NE by late afternoon...rainfall in last 24 hrs ended 8.30 pm IST Wednesday,  Chennai 20 mms, Tiruchirapalli 33 mms...

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