Sunday, June 09, 2013

10:30pm, Heavy rain all along Maharastra coast and have pushed into S,S-E.Gujarat as well ... 

10:30pm, Heavy T.showers seen over N,N-E.Andhra, N,central Maharastra, E.Madhyapradesh, Jharkand, central Odisha ..

Rainfall till 5:30pm, Indore = 105.2mm, Kolkata = 25.6mm, Surat = 74mm, #Mumbai (santacruz)= 132.8mm, Ratnagiri = 309mm, Goa = 175mm.

Kolkata - Today - "Heavy rains with thunder reported in hooghly distrct of bengal and barrackpore Betwen 3.45 to 4.30 p.m"
Outlook for Monday, 10th June..
Mumbai: Cloudy skies, with intermittent showers.Few heavy showers in some parts of City. Rain Amount (average): 45-55 mms.
Rainfall decreasing on Tuesday.

Pune: Cloudy and cool day. Some showers in parts of city. Rain Amount 7-10 mms.

Delhi NCR: Hot day, maximum around 42c. Thundery developments may be far South of NCR in Rajasthan. Some Dust Storms may drift towards the Southern Parts.
Inter action of Easterlies from the Bay and SW winds from the Arabian Sea, could result in pre Monsoon Showers in Delhi NCR from 14th June.

Chennai: Warm humid and partly cloudy. Maximum at 37c. Thunder clouds may drift in some parts of city by evening.

RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 2.45pm, Sunny, passing clouds with strong winds, no significant rain for the past few days.

#Chennai - 4:40pm, Sharp showers now over Polichalur zone .. "as expected".

RT @shrirangsamant: @weatherofindia Nice raining here in Mumbai. . (4:45pm)

RT @itsprateekjain: #RAIN.... ;-) raining since mrng I m lovin it in #Mumbai (4:43pm)

monsoons and dark skies in mumbai

Rainy sunday in south mumbai, its cool, its wet its monsoon at last

Mumbai today ! #Monsoon

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#Mumbai today - Another wonderful instagram image shared by ...

RT @msiva_n: Romantic rain in mumbai (8:24am)

RT @rohitkyv: Sunday Morning #Rain View from my bedroom. ;) :D #Thane #Mumbai (7:58am)

8:30am, "Super Sunday" for #Mumbai is here... more heavy rain ahead all thru the day... 

8:30am, Heavy rain seen ALL along central,S.Maharastra coast, Goa and Karnataka coast ...

8:30am, Showers also seen over N-W.Uttarpradesh, N.Bihar and N.Bengal ...

RT @urvashimaharshi: @weatherofindia @msiva_n Monsoon In Mumbai .. "a good intro to #Mumbai #Monsoon"

#Chennai - 9:30am, mostly clear day with DEEP blue skies and windy from West. "Sign of S-W Monsoon well and truly over city".

#Chennai - Trend of Jun, Jul.. clear/partly cloudy start to day, wind from W,S-W,N-W. After 2pm, Sea breeze set in. Expect an evening rain.
its off and on drizzle and rain in mumbai cooling the city finally, 1.00 am 9 june

evening in south mumbai before the rains started today

clouds gather over mumbai skyline, as rains follow
see the white clouds and rain plattered ground
as rain cools south mumbai, we can see colaba and nariman point from this photo

12:23am, "Its non stop drizzling in Belgaum from evening." Posted by our Facebook follower.

Jaipur - Showers expected from evening of 11-Jun or from 12-Jun. Till then #HOT conditions to prevail,

Some pre-monsoon T.showers are expected to push into central, N,W Rajasthan on 13-Jun... Watch out, it may not become true !

Latest model suggests that Rain may push into Haryana, #Delhi, W.Uttarpradesh and Uttararkand on 13-Jun.

Models even suggest that rain may push up to Himachal, Punjab and N-W.Rajasthan on 14-Jun.. Interesting !